Can I run windows 7 premium on a netbook?

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Hi guys! I have HP Mini netbook and I want to know whether I can run windows 7 premium on netbook, which comes with windows vista?

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  1. John

    Well, you can run it on your netbook. You have three suggested modes in hand to select one from in order to establish Windows 7 on your netbook, especially the one which does not have an interior storage disc drive. These modes are as follows:

    1. Buy and download Win 7 from Microsoft Store (MSS) as a setting up file. After downloading Windows 7 with this format, you can establish it on your netbook. This way, it would be similar to installing any other application or program, with no added hardware or devices.
    2. Buy and download Win 7 from Microsoft Store (MSS) as an ISO document, and exact duplicate it on a USB blink drive. If it requires you to boot or start your PC throughout Windows 7 setting up (for demonstration, if you desire to format your hard computer disk throughout installation), you can simply go for downloading Win 7 in an exceptional format known as the ISO document and utilize Win 7 USB or DVD Download Tool to conceive a USB blink propel that you can then utilize to establish Win 7 on your netbook.
    3. Similarly, the third way is to utilize an external storage disc drive. If you currently have Win 7 setting up computer disc, you can adhere an external storage disc propel to your netbook to establish Win 7.

    I hope this information will help you get through your installation problem. Good luck!


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