Mirroring OS drive in windows 7 home premium

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I have a question regarding mirroring and for this reason I want to know that if I can mirror OS drive in windows 7 Premium.

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  1. Harry

    Generally speaking Windows 7 Home Premium does not support drive mirroring. This is because mirroring is something you set up on the motherboard, and you cannot mirror it until and unless you do not have a SATA or PATA RAID controller on your motherboard. Once you set up a RAID array on your motherboard, the OS recognize the two drives as "one drive", so, there is a possibility that it should be dependent on the presence of a RAID controller on your motherboard, not on what OS you have. Besides, the Windows 7 will probably require converting to dynamic volumes to do mirroring. In the past, this has introduced all kinds of headaches due to compatibility with other disk utilities. Also, dynamic volumes are very easy to mess up, particularly when one has to do disk recovery operations. Mirroring on the motherboard usually retains a compatible structure on the disk, meaning as long as the onboard SATA drivers are also loaded in the OS, user can move either of the mirrored drives to the regular SATA port, and boot into the OS just fine, so the user is not really sticking the neck out in terms of recoverability. Performance wise they are probably both about the same as both use your CPU to do all the work. Finally, the motherboard raid might have additional useful features, such as automatic e-mail notification which is quite useful.

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