can I install battle chess on windows 7

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I want to know that how can I install battle chess on windows 7. I love to play chess, whenever I got free time. I want to have some information regarding this issue, and quite optimistic that you will let me know as soon as possible.


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  1. John


    I am chess geek and love to play it online and offline. You know I have played the chess game on my PC for more than 10,000 times. It is quite interesting and based on how much intelligence you have. There are not hard and fast rules to check mate. But the whole game is based on mental skills.

    Yes you can and it is good news for you indeed but there are some problems as you may not get the proper sound. But I think there is no problem if you cannot have sound while playing a chess game.
    All is well, as you can install it with windows7. I tried but and was successful so try it man and do it when you like it. so there is no need to do such useless efforts on sound. You will get the same result in the end.

    Bu it is good to know that you can enjoy it with Windows7. So keep enjoying but do remember me and share your comments. I would love to answer your further questions. I am always happy to be of your help here.

    I hope this will work

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