Camping option on the beach of Florida

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hello i am a new migrant in Florida,please tell me few Camping option on the beach of Florida, I need few options, thanks.

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  1. kate

    Florida has several great beach camping places, and most are not crowded during June through August. Few best options are:
    1. Long Key State Park: Long Key's campsites are located slightly right on top of the Atlantic Ocean. This park has the astonishing facilities as it is the single state park where visitors can leave their campsite, walk 100 feet and get a permit or bonefish. The park has many beautiful nature trails, including one for kayakers that runs through a shallow-water lagoon, and 60 waterfront campsites, all with a picnic table and grill.
    2. Cayo Costa State Park: It is cover by water on all directions and only opens for private boat or public passenger ferry, Cayo Costa boasts beautiful isolation. With nine miles of deserted beach to roam and explore, you won't have to worry about crowds. The warm gulf water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking activities. Each tent site can provide accommodation up to eight people. Showers, toilets and potable water are centrally present. Travelers must bring food and drink along with them.
    3. Fernandina Beach: It is ranked as one of the Florida's oldest state parks; Fort Clinch has one of the perfectly preserved 19th century forts in the United States. It never saw any activity, but it was has occupied by the troops between the Civil and Spanish-American wars. Situated just north of Fernandina Beach off A1A, this state park has astonishing surf fishing, swimming and a 6-mile trail for hikers and bicyclists. This fort contain two campgrounds, one has the beach and the other in a hardwood hammock overlooking the Amelia River.

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