Does anyone know about caddying in golf?

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Golf is well known and famous game around the world. I want to know about the caddying and its ranks. Does anyone know about the caddying?

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  1. Judi

    Caddying or caddy is the individual who carries a player's bag and associations, and devotes insightful recommendations and lesson support. A good caddy is cognizant of the trials and obstacles of the golf course being performed, along with the best scheme in playing it. This encompasses understanding general yardage, pin positions and association selection. A caddy is not generally an worker of a personal association or resort.
    Most associations use a grading system. Caddies will start as a trainee, and be encouraged through the ranks of Intermediate, Captain, Honor, and eventually Championship. Championship is booked for only the best caddies. Many techniques start their caddies off at the B grade, and after a year proceed them to A, and on their fourth year they will obtain the name of Honor caddy. The intermediate and head individual ranks can generally be got inside the first year of caddying, and the respect grade is generally got in the second or third year of caddying.
    Championship takes not less than 6 years and often as numerous as 10 years to obtain. An alternate grading scheme often utilised in the American Mid-West advances as B grade, A grade, AA grade, Honor grade, and Evans Scholar. Caddies often get advancement in grade one time a year, while often Honor takes two years to accomplish and Evans Scholars are only made by triumphant the venerable Evans Scholarship for university.


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