Question: i just want to know that the invitation i was received is true and

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i just want to know that the invitation i was received is true and not a scam? that the position of the spa therapist in your hotel is still availble




  1. Guest28064475

    good day

    im jane mae tomarong i receive from your company that your hire a massage theraphist thats why i apply and they send me message that i have to pay for my visa which is im the one who shoulder,,,tickets and accomodation with be the company,,,is this is true or scam only,,, and they told me i have to send the money through this bank account,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    A.T. KELLY thats receivers name



    ACCOUNT NUMBER: CV64000200002639688810116


    AMOUNT: $393 CD

    let me know if its true or not,,,,,,,,,,,, send me message pls in my email add,,,

  2. Guest27869987

    im willing to work to canada if they have a chance..can you help me?

  3. Guest23149774

    Sorry everybody but this is a SCAM after you send a messages to ca_marriottehoteljob@Live.Ca they will ask you,your full name,address and your passport no. also your contact number. If the Company need applicant or they will hire applicant , the company will advertise over internet and you will  see to any website.And the Marriotte Hotel has a own emeal adress when you open their website. You will see their emeal adress including telephone number and Company address.

    This is a Big time Scammer from Nigeria or Africa because they started to use  now the country of Canada after  being tired of UK Scam.

  4. Guest23122101

    I just cureious about this email,is this really true that the envetation is real?and the management are welling to shoulder the aplicant accommodation and the ticket?coz if its real what papers to be qualified for the hiring,it is ok if the aplicant can be send a resume? interested to work in hotel, actually i trainee here in BnS hotelier trainingg center corporation here in philippines and  looking for a job as a charbermaid or housekeeping.ty very much have a nice day!!


  5. Guest23005316

     its a scam

  6. Guest22725484

    gud day  just want to ask if your company needs a service ambassador? i worked in mercado restaurant locsted inside the marriott hotel manila.

  7. Guest17282860
    I'm a medical technologist graduate. Do you offer job with my line of field? and what the requirements? here is my email add Thank you.
  8. Guest16776182
    im interested of this job invitation, hw could i apply this?? im mechanic f fit to my skills please reply to my email tnx
  9. Guest16676981
    i'd like to know if i'm in haiti how can i get this job in marriot hotel canada cause i'd like to work in this hotel?
  10. Guest16582394
  11. Guest16518900
    Good Day sir, Can i ask; what are the following requirements to hired in your company in marriotte hotel? Can you please send back to my email address: Thank you. Judith
  12. Guest16089329
    Dear Sir, It comes to my knowledge that there are hiring in your marriot hotel canada. i wish to apply for a position. I am a registered nutritionist dietitian with experiences.
  13. Guest16067654
    i just recieved a message coming from mr dunnel m, i also want to inquire about the job placement for marriote hotel. will apprreciate valid information from you.
  14. Guest15712532
    Greetings!! Yes I'm interested to apply in your finest hotel. I'm an HRM graduate. Please reply. Thanks. MORE POWER!!!
  15. Guest15548476
  16. Guest15503038
    hello,i just want to know that this information is true and not a scam like others? thank you
  17. Guest15482941
    is ur invitation is true,im mary ann cabillo,graduate as a tourism management?and im interested the job that u offer.thank you.
  18. Guest15446412
    hi this invitation is true is not a joke cz i interested to apply in ur company tnx to gaving apurtunity god bless
  19. Guest15442223
    Just want to know that the invitation i was receive is true and not a scma?That Management of Marriott hotel Canada is in need of new workers.Need of only fifty male and female, the management is ready to shoulder his or her accommodation and air ticket.
  20. Guest15436289
    hello!! i'm interested with the work you offer to me... hope to be there someday and be a part of your company... thank you...
  21. Guest15429641
    can i ask if the mail ive recieved is true?im willing to prepare all the papers that the company need..what papers are needed to be qualified for the so pleased to recieve a reply...thank you..god bless
  22. Guest15410859
  23. Guest15399164
    just want to know that the invitation i was received is true and not a scam? that the management is in need of only fifty male and female, does the management is ready to shoulder his or her accommodation and air ticket.

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