buy like salman khan firoza bracelet

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i buy like salman khan bracelet

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  1. Guest22559699

    You can buy from :
    Original turquoise bracelet like salman khan's

  2. Guest21818706

     i wanna to buy salman khan bracelet

  3. Guest21659015

     i manna a bracelet like salman khan....will u plz helpe to buy .

  4. Guest18517859
  5. Guest12110426
    Salman Khan's blue turqouise silver bracelt can be bought from a Lady who specializes in Men's bracelets and has also made Salman Khan's lucky bracelt. She makes the finest bracelet and it is commonly known that whenever Salman wants to place an order for the bracelt for his friends he only contacts this Lady. If any of you are interested you may cotact her on the number below(I do not know if she will make or no since she mainly caters to these celebrities, yet you can give it a shot!) Nisha Ghuwalewala: 9820438995
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  7. jade andrews
    well u can buy it in any famous branded shop or u can order it from india, pakistan etc.. this is one of the Indian famous busying site.

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