Name of Black and White movie.

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I remember watching an OLD BLACK and WHITE movie that was really funny, but I only remember sparse details. There was a man who's twin brother was murdered. The dead twin was able to possess his brother's body and use it to his advantage. While this was going on the live brother knew but couldn't control his own body. I remember them swinging from a light pole and singing. I remember the live bro running through a grocery or bakery in the middle of the night to get away from the murderers The murderers didn't know there were twins. The dead twin's name was BUSTER.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Wonder Man is a movie which involves the cast of actors like Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo. It was released in 1945 and was based on the story Arthur Sheekman. It Is produced by Samuel Goldwyn and was directed by H. Bruce Humberstone. Danny Kaye plays the role of super identical twins, they both have very same looks but their personalities are quite different. Buzzy Bellow was the stage name of goofy performer at the classy nightclub, On the other hand Edwin Dingle is bookworm who writes the history. The two brothers have not seen each other for years.
    There is a famous seen in the movie which features Edwin who was possessed by Buzzy and was performing in the nightclub. Edwin pretends that he is a famous and rich singer who had allergy to flowers. In the end of this movie Ellen marries Edwin .

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