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is bta fees needed to travel to malaysia from nigeria?

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  1. Guest22605917

    Can someone tell me all about the BTA fee please. Is it cash which you are required to carry with you in the plane?

  2. Guest20103021
    a friend of my in nigera he from usa abd tryig to leave but a friend of his is teying to say he needs a bta to get on plane i will stand for himto get him here it is a emerency he get here can u help
  3. Guest13667378
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  4. Guest12290780
    are there fees to leave lagos
  5. Guest10454491
    what is the bta fee need to fly from Nigeria to USA ......?
  6. Guest10301377
    yes bro. Their Immigration are somehow stupid now. They will tell u 1500USD is not enough for u to spend in there country. imagine just for 2weeks. Wat do u want to buy. What do you want to eat
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