brush bar not rolling

by Guest20475376  |  9 years ago

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brush bar not rolling

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  1. Guest23365007

    the suction works the brush does not turn on,and their is no power to the brush motor and what should the power be ac or dc?

  2. Guest20934537
    i dont know what you mean by little red pole?
  3. Muhammad Uzair
    The Dyson DC15 All floors is actually a 2 motor upright, meaning the suction motor is separate from the motor that rotates the brushes. The first thing you should check is the reset switch on the brushes. Behind the brushes there is a little red pole, push this down to reset the brushes, and see if this fixes the problem. If not, then you may have a bad on/off switch for the roller brushes. Try pushing the switch next to the main on/off switch that controls the brushes up and down, up and down, can you hear the brushes attempt to come on at all? If you could hear them come on even somewhat, this means that your brush on/off switch is bad and needs to be replaced. If nothing happens when you push this switch, it still may be bad and not getting any power at all to it. Does the machine make any sound at all when you try to turn the brush switch on and off? Please try pushing the reset switch, then testing the on/off switch first. If neither one of these solutions works, please just use the comment field on the repair and let me know, and I can then walk you through some more advanced diagnosing of your machine.
  4. Umair
    May be belt is broken or slipped off. If not, perhaps there's something jamming the mechanism.
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