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Is it common for brother and sister to watch each other m********e

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  1. Guest28165516

    i am new here but i se some freak out about the nude body and naturally feeliong good,this makes no sence.barely at puberty,my twin brother and i get to nurse as well as the younger ones,,we are nudists 24-7,when mom and her sisters and girl friends see all we boys with erections,they just cute ! we are so glad that you are happy and are feeling good.

  2. Guest28165516

    we are a nudist family,24-7,and we boys from young to 12 maany time are erect,esp the one who nurse,or in group massage,all the rest massage one,and also kissing massage from head to toes,so natural things happen,esp. for we at puberty,very natural and acceptable

  3. Guest28117131

    yes of course but it should limited upto masturbation only

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  5. Guest28060476

    Being nude and open with your body in your family is very important. It keeps you in balance3s. Thi9s measns you do not go to place or do things iwth your body that you should not do. I heard of a story where a girls p*****n nand teenagers years enjoyed taking shower with her brother who was 2 years old than her. Because of the nudity and they seeing each other genitals and their parents see them kept both of them as virginal till they got married.

    Masturbation is a family bussiness. When it is in the open of family members it allow normal relaxation of feeling and those urage we have in a normal setting.

    When children and teens are taught when they can do it and the repect of each other doing is pravate but also at the same time is personal. When doors are lock and windows are close and curtin are drawn. This is a good time for family member cand do their thing in front of each other and at the same time they can also hve ther space. When children can share what they do with their family it removes them doing sicko things with ther bodies. This means they do not use objects in pleasuring them self. Whe a boy put is p***s into a object like the vaginal their something wrong. The same goes with girls who use object like the p***s to insert into their vaginal. When girls and boys use just their hands to plesure their self it normal.

    There nothing wrong with a sister see her brother rubbing his p***s and he see his sister rubbing her tender spot.

    You ask the question how about girls of the friend of the sister. Can see see the the boy do it. As long he is ok with it. The same with his friends seeing his sister masturebate.

    The rule is that it should be done with repect.

    This means if a girls spend the night with a girls who has a brother and we walking around  in the house nude and she see thing about the boy. This is for her understanding but not to go around the community and tell her friends.

    When doors are open for us to learn, understand what we need to know. We need to repect is and be thankful for this chances to learn.



  6. Guest23306356

    me and my sister have masturebated several times together sometimes with her just stroking me or me fingering her and we love it but we also have s*x together alot too.its fun to watch her get off and she enjoys herself too

  7. Guest23289245

    There nothing wrong if a brother and sister m********e in front of each other or they m********e each other. You will also see children who will m********e openly when theire are others around.  

    When I was 11 years old and my cousin boy was 10 we m********e together and we would rub each other tender spot till we came. As long their is no abuse or disrepect to each other it is cool.


  8. Guest22453245

    its more common than you think

  9. Guest22061570

    too f*****g right nothing wrong with it!!

  10. Guest21102853
    Morally it's wrong IMHO...
  11. Guest19503053
  12. Guest15462863
    are you joking? what the h**l is wrong with people on here?!
  13. Guest15074650
    Although most people say it's terrible, I think a lot of brothers and sisters m********e together. I've masturbated my brother and even performed oral s*x on him and he loves it.
  14. Guest11557471
    yes i think it is common because you are growing with her and she is the hottest thing you seen naked...f**k her brains out
  15. Guest10514429
  16. Guest10501663
    i think more people have done it then u'd think. i have masturbated my sister numerous times and even gave her oral s*x once. she's finishing up hs and i'm in college and we've masturbated together very recently...i see nothing wrong with it. we both like the way it feels.
  17. Guest10441977
    how brither and siter masturbation
  18. Guest10380819

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