brother mfc-8840D black marks on edge of paper

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I am now getting intermittent black marks on one edge when printing or copying with my Brother MFC_8840D. The black marks are approximately 1/8 wide and 1" long, and spaced 2-3 inches apart. It almost looks like roller marks. I have put in a new toner cartridge, and cleaned and inspected the drum, and I do not believe either the cartridge or the drum is the cause. This is not a major deal, but it is irritating, and does not look good if you have to send something. I have been using white-out on anything that needs to look decent. So, any ideas on what this might be and how to going about fixing it? Thanks, Mark Enderle

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  1. Guest25032307

    According to the user's guide on P101 you need to clean the drum unit and if that does not work, replace the drum unit.

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