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I am currently writing a biographical fiction about Marilyn, and in my research I have come across a couple of niggly questions that I wondered whether you could answer for me...

1. Greenson supposedly broke Marilyns bedroom window to gain access to her room because her door was locked (even though she never locked her door), but even after he broke the glass and opened the window, how did he get through those bars and into her room? If they were widely spaced enough for a grown man to slip through then what was the point of having bars on the windows in the first place?

2. Jack Clemmons claimed that Mrs. Murray was doing a wash when he arrived at 4am. I have just finished reading and studying Cursum Perficio by Gary Vitacco-Robles and in the layout of her small house I cannot see a laundry room? DO you know where the washer and dryer were kept? Perhaps in the Guest Cottage?

Anyway, hope you can help, and thanks for your time.

PS, I have just bought and started reading The DD Group... is you one of them? i am really enjoying it.

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  1. John


    Thank you for asking. Yes, I am Sabine from the DD group. I am glad if you are enjoying the book.

    Let me answer your questions.

    1, Dr. Greenson did not break the window with the bars on it. Mrs. Murray looked thru that particular window after she knocked on Marilyns door. Dr. Greenson broke the window on another side of Marilyns bedroom that was locked but did not have bars on it.

    By the way, there is no way to say whether Marilyn always locked her door or not. That depends on who you ask.

    2, Jack Clemmons claim that Mrs. Murray was washing away evidence in the laundry as he arrived has long been suspect. It is often repeated in conspiracy tales. (And I am tired of it).

    The washer and dryer were kept in the guest cottage.

    But Mrs. Murray clearly stated herself that she was simply packing her own belongings into a wicker basket because she knew she most likely would not be coming back to Marilyns house anytime soon. Does not this make more sense than waiting for the police to get there before destroying evidence? It does to me.

    I am definitely the no nonsense DD group member and like to keep it logical.

    Too much convoluted information out there as it is.

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