How to fix a broken buckle on shoe?

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My buckle of shoe is broken during the dance. Anyone have idea that how to fix it. Please share it with me! Can someone help me?

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  1. Judi

     You can easily and quite affordably fix your footwear at dwelling in many if not most cases. Once you find and break in a two of well-fitting promenade footwear, you wish they will last forever. You clean and polish them, even get them resoled from time to time. Despite your best efforts to maintain your footwear, components wear out and occasionally buckles break. Before you throw out an else good two of promenade footwear, invest a little time to replace the broken buckle. Here are some instructions to fix the buckle:
    Buy the same buckle. If you will not find one buckle, then you will purchase two buckles and restore those on both shoes. Take off the breached buckle via employing a seam ripper to withdraw the thread accustomed to sew the tab on the shoe that keeps the buckle. Be cautious to evade straining the tab. Fold the tab across onto itself within its original position. Line it upward ideally so you can reuse the equivalent holes as curtly as the shoe was originally made. Sew the tab back together, using a saddle stitch. For the saddle stitch, cut a piece of thread 28 inches long.
    Using a thimble, drag one needle across the former predetermined of gates both fractions of the folded tab onto shoe, within a corner or beginning focus of whereas it was earlier sewn. Pull the needle and suggestion across so that the center of the suggestion traverses across the gates and both needles are the same distance from the holes. Continue sewing in this manner until you have reach the end of the holes. To safe the thread, you shall rear stitch. To do this, sew in a turn circle direction, placing another sew in each of the final three holes.

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