Investment need to make to become a model.

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If I have such a "great look" why can't I get any work. I scour every source I can and submit pictures and a little blurb for every job i even come CLOSE to qualifying for... NO LUCK?! what gives? I have fairly reasonable expectations: I'm only 5'7" (and not unusually thin) so I understand runway and high fashion modeling aren't really realistic, but I like to think I qualify for SOME work... at least to make some $$ to pay for what i spend trying to model. Also I'm under the impression your comp card is supposed to have your most recent, strongest images, and they're not supposed to be older than 6 months. If that's the case, is a model supposed to get a whole new set of comp cards every 6 months? What are the investments a model "should" make/would be most beneficial for her/him? and their approximately costs? (besides, of course investing in themselves, physically and mentally) website? professional website? comp cards? business cards? subscriptions to casting services.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Well it looks like you've done your homework first! Yes, being an SF wife is really tough sometimes because of the secret missions and weird stuff like that. He got back from Afghanistan a few months ago, so life feels normal again. I see you are moving to San Diego. We just moved from there to FL last month. Absolutely loved it there! But wanted to buy a house, and you can't really get your money's worth there. There is a lot of modeling going on in the area.

    After going through your e-mail and your portfolio, here's my suggestions.

    Being 5'7" doesn't matter unless you want to work high fashion runway, so don't think that will hold you back

    Comp cards just need to show your best work with your current look. If your look doesn't change in a year, you don't need a new card. Unless you sign with an agency, comp cards are not exactly a necessity. They are very useful to submit for projects through the mail or to send to agencies. From my experience, agencies like to ask you for a bunch of cards and then you never hear from them again. Sometimes it is like throwing money away. But they have come in handy a few times, so I keep them around. If you need new ones, e-mail me back and I'll send you the contact for guy that does quality work for the best price I've found. And in lower numbers too. But overall, 95% of my work is booked online and only 5% comes from agencies.




    Hold off on comp cards until you have the photos you need. You would probably do better with business cards to start with. Check out the free ones at

    Building a website is great, but can become costly. Your OMP page can work just as well. If you can design your own page, then go for it. That's how I got started. But only do the website if you have a nice professional one without ads popping up and stuff.

    Make yourself a free portfolio anywhere you can. Go back to my website at and click on Under the portfolio links section, just start clicking the links and sign up for whatever ones have free portfolios. It may look like I've paid to be a lot of places, but when portfolio sites are just starting out, they contact established models and put their portfolios on there for free to make them look good. So just sign up for all the free stuff.

    And your biggest investment: Your Portfolio

    This is what is going to get you work, so do your OMP page right:

    * Pay for the OMP upgrade. It really helps. I honestly get half my paid work through my portfolio there. You will make the money back.

    * check art, artistic nudes, nudes, etc. as work options. You mention you are willing to do it, but don't have it checked. Even with your face not being shown, it is still art nude, so check it off so people looking for this type of model can find you. This type of work always pays $$. It's not like you have to take every job offer that comes your way, so might as well have it on there. I have erotic nude checked on my portfolio, and I wouldn't even shoot that, but certain photographers have a different idea of what erotic nude might be so I checked it off anyway.


    * Out of your pictures, you don't have one that really shows your face. The one looking to the side doesn't really show your features. And you need one full body from the front. Photographers want to know what they are working with. They won't hire you if they can't see what you look like. It is best to have a smiling headshot, a profile, a full length swimwear front, at least one back view, and some fashion/casual looks.

    * For your profile part, maybe tone it down a little? All the caps feels like you are shouting at the reader...might scare those photographers away. Working with models is a tiresome business because there is a lot of attitude. If they get the feeling you may be a little hard to work with, they won't hire you. You can cover most of that stuff AFTER they contact you. So just sound nice and easy to work with, and then send them the details once you've hooked them.

    **OK, I could go on for a bit more, but I have to get ready for work! Feel free to e-mail me after you go through this stuff if you have any questions. I hope I was able to help a bit!

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