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I am doing a school project on Marilyn Monroe where I have to find out how many total books have been written on Marilyn. I also want to know which book is the longest, which is the most recent, and how many copies the most recent book has sold. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please tell me if you have any good piece of information related to this topic.


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  1. John


    What a question! I do not think that this question can be answered with total certainty. God only knows just how many books are out there on Marilyn. Some were published in other countries as well and we would not even know about them! My guess is the number is in the upper hundreds. One of the latest books is the Marilyn tapes (not a book I endorse!) but I have no idea how many copies were sold. Sorry if I could not be of more help.

    Overall the material which was published right after her death was based on her miserable life and the odd situations she suffered so far. No doubt, she was a notable star. But she lived only for a couple of years, after her outstanding stardom. She was loved by all, but controversial as well. She was the main course of different scandals, even with the J.F Kennedy, the famous President of the United States of America.

    Nearly all books are focused on her saddest life situations. I hope I have told you some major things and topics of books related to Marilyn Monroe.


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