bollywood actress katrina kaif facebook id

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bollywood actress katrina kaif facebook id

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  1. Guest27450204

    hi katrina, plz send me ur email id im ur big fan im fatima hussnain frm lhr pakistan.i luv u im only 12 years old. i promise


  2. Guest23617074

    Hey i am harjeet kaur i am biggest fan of u.

    plz send me ur facebook id . my D.O.B 22 july.

    my email id is

  3. Guest23363665

     hi katrina kaif how r u and i am your fan .what is your  number

  4. Guest23134117

     my id is please contact me

  5. Guest23133159

    hey katrina kaif
    my name dheeraj singh

  6. Guest23090556

    hi katrina didi i m your big big big fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send your yahoo or face book id plzzzzzzzzz. my id is   thank you

  7. Guest22941185

    Hi katrina kaif H r u?

                                  My name is Raza kaif

                                   an study

                                   My facebook

                                   my yahoo

                                     I like you..katrina

                                     I Miss you katrina.

  8. Guest22939996

    Hi katrina kaif

    H r u?

    my name is raza kaif

    my id

  9. Guest22808762

    i am pakistani i am boy 10th class iam sed boy i like criket me mother and father not paly criket me

    mar pori life rona ma gosri ha ap ager mojh india bolw dati tu shid mari zindgi bana jati iam 17age

    me yahoo id Malik_2015

    ma india dhk na cht ho or mar dil bhi odas nhi ho ga cha ap mojh q na apne home pr nokr rk lana

    mari pori  life sed hy koi as dost nhi jo mar sat shar kr plz mojh yakni hy ka ap mojh smj gi

  10. Guest22800119

    Hiiiiii Katrina i am your biggest fan i want your facebook id plz plz plz give me.


  11. Guest22718606

     hiiiiiiiii katrina i m milani ur biggest biggest fan plsssss swthrt tell me ur facebook & yahoo id plsssssss dear

  12. Guest22717582

     hlw kat i want yor facebuk email id .....

  13. Guest22573567

     hi katrina im mahnoor from pakistan hyderabad plz plz give me your facebook id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  14. Guest22539303

    hi katrina i m yout big fan plz tell me your facebook id kamal from delhi

  15. Guest22533627

    hi katrina i m gayatri n i m a big gggggggggggggggggggg fan of urs n i hv more dan 1000 pics of urs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz talk wid me once or give ur facebook id plz i m she of 13 years. my id is


  16. Guest22353677

    hi jan i love you


  17. Guest22181017

    hi katrina i am your fan please tell me your facebook id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Guest22022894

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii katrina  ma name is anuja i m a big big fan of you........

    cn u snd me your facebook id.........plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    ma i.d is

  19. Guest21592141


  20. Guest21100930
    hi.luv u kat,cuz my frnds tell me dat i look like u n my dob is 12 2 a cancer
  21. Guest20097307
    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii katrina kaif how r u
  22. Guest19604555
    hi katrina i m yout big fan plz tell me your facebook id....
  23. Guest19574869
    hi katrina ma fahad h r y kasse ho yar tum to online he nahe hote mare e-mail id
  24. Guest19510131
    Hi Cat. What is your email id,.
  25. Guest19337212
    i am also pooja in 8th class please you aceept me please please give me your i.d on facebook or yahoo
  26. Guest19337212
    hiiii katrina didi please tell me your i.d i am your fan pooja! please please please
  27. Guest19120029
    what is the katrina kaif yahoo or face book id? what is the education of katrina kaif?

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