black worms in toilet

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black worms in toilet

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  1. Leonardo
    Well, we recommend you a website. It is all about worms. Kindly read about the worms you have in the bathroom. Hope that helps,

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, there are a number of intestinal worms that are about the right size. Here is a website that discusses them: Whipworm and Ascaris can be the right size, and can occur in the US (which is why I asked you where you lived). Strongyloides, right size, but not in USA. Intestinal flatworms, such as tapeworm is a possibility, since segments can break off from the head, which lives in the intestine. There is also an intestinal fluke called Fasciolopsis buski, which can be found in Asia. On the other hand, since you say this is a new house, presumably with a new toilet/septic system/well, that the worm could have been trapped there when construction ended. If this is an environmental worm, not a parasitic worm, there’s NO way it can be identified without a picture. Perhaps it fell off your clothing in the bathroom? Thanks
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