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I was just checking back to see if you have had any luck at all finding out the year and title of the black and white short film based on the nativity story that I asked about earlier this week. I have checked several sources and have been unable to find any clues to this film. If I had not seen it myself, I might not think it even exists. Please tell me the title of the movie.

Thanks for looking and I hope you will answer to my question.

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  1. John


    Yes I am working on it, I am having trouble finding it on my own so I went to some movie groups that I am in and asked them. One person believes they know the title and that Turner classic movies aired it as one of their one reel wonders as soon as I get the info I will let you know. So do not worry, I will try to find out some good source of information for you.

    You know it is quite difficult to get some relevant information on some old movies. No doubt I am a critique myself and know a lot about old classics. But there comes a time when something goes beyond limits. So please be patient and I let you know as soon as possible. be in touch with me. I am trying hard to find the title and movie itself for you.

    Always hope for the best


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