Title of black and white movie depicting women in labor.

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Hi, I am looking for an old Black and white film that I saw about 10-20 years ago on TV. I think it was shown on one of the Classic TV cable channels. So, the film was quite old. I do not know the name, the actors or the plot. But what I remember was a scene that depicted about a dozen women in labor in a maternity ward. What was so entertaining was how badly this movie depicted labor and birth. None of the women looked pregnant, nor did they act like they were in labor. I think at least one of them was knitting while she waited her turn to go into delivery. One by one they were wheeled out to delivery and then they would return after they had given birth. I do not think they showed any babies, just the women returning. And the whole subject of birth was treated like a very serious and scary thing. Anyway, I am a midwife now and I would sure love to know what movie this was and try to find a copy of it. I remember that scene being hysterical. If you have any clues, I sure would be grateful. Thanks.

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    Hi, I am sorry I can't help you. If it was black and white, and none of them even looked pregnant, it was probably made in the 40s or before. Back in the 30s, they were a little more liberal in their films, but came the 40s, and censorship stopped mentioning pregnancy or any other "adult" things. Back in the mid 40s, there was a movie about teenage pregnancy and pre-marital s*x, but girls under 17 had to be accompanied by their mother to see it. If you knew some of the actors, we could search under their names, but without that, I have no place to search.

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