Black and White movie The Coat.

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I think the title was The Coat or The Suit Coat, B and W American or English. I saw it on TV in the late 60s late Show or Sunday afternoon (not prime time). There were 3 stories of a dress coat: First a love triangle or a battle of honor ending in a duel leaving a bullet hole in the coat. Second, the hole mended, it becomes the formal attire of a church sextant. The elders are ashamed that their janitor is illiterate and offer him the choice to learn to read or resign his position. Feeling too old to learn he resigns. Walking home with his wife he looks for a tobacco shop to fill his pipe and notices there are none in the neighborhood. With some money they have saved he opens a tobacco shop. His son in law loses his job and they open a second shop for him to run. They open more shops and a day comes when the finances grow to where he must go to the bank to sign some papers. When the bank manager sees this very successful man sign with an X he exclaims what you could have been if you could read & write! The man replies: I would be a church janitor. The coat ends up in the goodwill box. The third story involves a starving composer who has been invited to conduct an orchestra of some fame performing his music. He does not have the proper attire for this performance (black tie and tails). A friendly woman who understands what a great opportunity this is for him takes the coat from the goodwill box and tailors it to fit him. He walks out proudly and begins to conduct but the stitching on the sleeves has been done hastily and begins to unravel. He rips of the rest of the coat and weeps with shame now that everyone knows of his poverty. A man near the front silently stands and removes his coat and folds it over his chair and in his shirtsleeves says Please continue I am enjoying the music. One by one every man in the audience removed their coat until all were in shirtsleeves. The conductor upon seeing the support (and class) from the audience stood up and delivered an excellent performance. These are stories I remember hearing from my father, they are probably folk tales that someone put in movie form. I would love to find it on tape but I am not sure of the title. Can someone tell me that?

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    I searched for a movie by that title, and by plot. No results for the plot search, that got some in the late 50s, and early 60s. You can see the results of the search here.

    It does not give any information about most of the plots though, I tried searching the title on other sites, no luck. Maybe you can search the individual titles on that site, and find them somewhere else that tells the plot, or maybe you will recognize some of the actors.

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