bbs honours 1st year exam routine

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when will be held

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  1. Guest24949682

    kai le tu bbs 1st ko exam hun xa dik lagi sako tetik basda basda. aaja 16 maina hudai xa bbs join bhayeko. kina dhilo.


  2. Guest23953962

    i want to know about bba 1st year exam routine

  3. Guest22604578

    routine means daily work so exam routine are the dates fixed so as work for exam with particular subjects


  4. Guest21192316
    I HAVE NEED TO TAKE EXAM ROUTINE OF BBS (HON'S) PART 1.PLZ SEND ME A ROUTINE IN THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS.THANK YOU SIR. do you help me? himel-sheikh burhanuddin post graduate college.
  5. Guest21192316
    Plz give Routine of BBS honours part 1 exam routine, can gate it from here?
  6. Guest20951036
    bbs honours 1st year exam routine
  7. Guest20876011
    Exam date
  8. Guest20799372
    How to get my exam rutine BBS Honours. Said Ahmed College gabtoli, Bogra. Pls post the rutine on my Mail : or +8801711112693.
  9. Guest20732833
    what are the routine?

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