battery not chargeing and laptop wo'nt power on when plugged in either

by zaccheus  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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i have an hp dv 9700t laptop the last time i used it, the battery was dead. i plugged it in and turned it on, it came on and booted up successfully, after about a minute or two i plugged in my blackberry phone to it's usb cord and inserted it into my pc as soon as i powered on my phone, my pc went off with a beeping sound. i powered it on again and it came on successfully once more... i did what i had to do and after about 10-20 minutes i shut down my pc and put it away. that was about 3 days ago. and today nomatter what i try it just wo'ny power on or charge the battery. the power supply is working and that is not the problem, and i do'nt think its the board, as i made sure to check if power is reaching the battery terminals. after removeing the battery and replaceing it a couple of times, the chargeing signal finaly came on. so i thought all was well and went on to power it again only for it to shut down as soon as the isplay came on,again with a low,high pitched beep, never to charge or come on again.

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