99 Ford Mustang starting problem due to battery connections.

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My 99 Ford Mustang V6 battery cables were loose, I tightened up the cables, but it still has starting problems, what should I do.

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  1. Guest28442950

     I think you should change the cable. If you are finding it difficult to get the battery cable for 99 Ford Mustang then it’s good to check out the inventory of I hope you will get everything here at great price.

  2. Guest23184881

    First of all there is a series of tests that you have to conduct in order to determine the cause of starting problem. It might be due to loose cables or some other reasons as well. If you have tightened the cable and still the problem persists then there is some other reason which is causing starting problem. There can be corrosion that might be causing the problem, make sure it is properly removed, if after removal of corrosion problem persists then you can go for checking your battery.
    Get your battery checked from a proper certified electrician. If your battery is weak you have to replace it. If your battery if fine then you can go for battery cables. Sometimes battery cables are connected properly, but their wires are weak and thin, you have to get thick high voltage cable and connect it with batteries so that enough power goes to the self starter motor. Be sure to keep an eye on the battery fluid levels that they are up to the mark.
    If you have tried all of the above and still your car is causing trouble in starting then you have to move to the engine for series of tests which will be conducted by a mechanic. There are things such as engine compression , and fuel system which needs to be checked. If you want to verify it by yourself you can go and check for electrical issues like battery power and cables. Do this stuff be yourself and if this does not resolve the problem then leave the diagnosis for the mechanic unless and until you have thorough knowledge of engine.

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