Barry Manliow's Christmas album for Hallmark

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I heard that Barry Manilow has released a Christmas themed album for Hallmark. I would like to know, the details about this album. When was this album released, what are some of the important features of this album, and from where it can be bought? I am a big admirer of Barry Manilow, and would love to invest in his music album. If its available on do let me know?

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  1. Mitchel

     In early November, 2007 Hallmark released Barry Manilow’s Christmas song album "In the Swing of Christmas," it is a jazz-styled album on which Manilow is aided by a pianist Matt Herskowitz of the Mad Fusion Trio, whom Barry Manilow terms "beyond Bill Evans, beyond Fats Waller. You've never heard a young piano player like this."

    The song list, in the Christmas album, according to Manilow, is a mixture of "titles everyone would know" -- "Silver Bells" and "White Christmas" -- along with Irving Berlin's "Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)" and the Great American Songbook staple "Violets For Your Furs." "They're not all religious at all," Manilow has also sung some winter songs in this album, which he terms as his most favorite.
    "In the Swing of Christmas" has been released in the DVD version of the 2003 A&E special "A Barry Manilow Christmas: Live By Request." This album is available for sale at, and it is currently priced at $5.91 & this album is also valid for FREE Super Saver Shipping

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