banking related project topics for capstone project?

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I am pursuing PGDM Vth trimester I need current topic for my capstone project this project is of 9 months and the whole evaluation of 6th trimester will be basedt on it. kindly suggest some topics which will be helpful in future.

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  2. Guest22491066

    i am doing a project on "security issues of internet banking" .i want an attractive and appropriate title for it

  3. Guest16411090
    Banking related projects for MBA
  4. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Some of the capstone projects undertaken by the PGDIE students are: - - Logistics Strategies for FMCG MNC's - Supply Chain Management in Retailing - Design of Distribution Centre for the whole-seller of Office Products - Impact of Modern Retailing Format (Malls) on consumer buying behavior - Multi-criteria optimization in continuous casting process using simulation - Heuristics for balancing multi-model & multi-mixed production line w.r.t. to semiconductor industry - Supplier Relationship management - Role of FDI in Indian Industry - Rural Marketing - Issues and Challenges - Data Envelopment Analysis: Applications in the Indian Industry - Application of Six-Sigma in Software Quality Improvement - Financial strategies for corporate growth and competitive advantage - Security issues for web based applications - Challenges of Indian Software firms to sustain global competitiveness - Decision Support System for e-CRM in Banking Sector - Internet-enabled SCM - Knowledge Management in Business Organization Many of the capstone projects undertaken by the students are working papers for publications. Few of the papers that found place in international journals are : * "Application of Theory of constraints in an integrated poultry industry" Chaudhari, C.V., and S.K.Mukhopadhaya (International Journal of production research-2001, Vol.41,No.4) * "Modified Hamiltonian Chain-a graph theoretical approach to Group Technology." Prof.S.K Mukhopadhaya, Ramesh Babu, K.V.Vijay (International Journal of Production Reasearch-2000, Vol.38, No.11). * "Conjoint Measurement approach for machine part grouping in manufacturing cell information." Prof.S.K Mukhopadhaya and C. Bhandari (International Journal of Production Research-1997, Vol.35, No.8). * "Timed Petri Net for Synchronized Scheduling of FMS." Prof.S.K Mukhopadhaya and A.Gopalkrishnan (Institution of Engineers (India) - PR May 1998, Vol.79)

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