Are ballet videos good enough to get someone on pointe?

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I am 15 and I did ballet for 4 years then I stopped and did figure skating then I stopped that. I want to start up again but do not have a lot of money to join classes. Are ballet videos good enough to get someone on pointe that would work very hard or is that not possible?

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  1. Angelina

     According to my opinion you should trial to believe about taking some choreography classes. Even if it's just one or two class a week, not less than you would be getting some expert teaching with a educator that can direct you and response all your queries.
    In ballet, consistency is the key and having resolve is very important.
    It can be a bit dodgy seeking to educate yourself because it could lead to wounds due to incorrect position or technique. Ballet is very specific and can be very requiring on the body and the muscles.
    I would suggest having ballet categories because you’re the educator can correct you and issue you to the right main heading other than you seeking to manage it all yourself. Your educator should then be adept to notify you when you are prepared and powerful sufficient to start pointe work.
    It noise as if you're very dedicated to ballet and that devotion is wholeheartedly vital to every dancer. Keep believing and next your heart, but be protected and gaze after your body. After all, in promenade your body is your tool!

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