Is ballet and modern dance is the same?

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I am a student of music; we are studying currently about ballet dance. I need to write an essay on the topic is ballet and modern dance is the same? Is there any website that might answer my query in detail so I can understand it well?

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  1. Angelina

     Some of the ways to understand the difference between ballet and modern dance are as follows:
    • The first foremost distinction between choreography and up to date promenade is the attire. Ballet dancers wear choreography slippers or pointe shoes. Many up to date dancers promenade barefoot, in swing footwear or half sole shoes. Ballet dancers furthermore normally wear tights while with up to date dancers tights are optional. Lastly, in customary ballets the hair is dragged back in a bun. Modern dancers are inclined to let their hair down and permit it to flow more naturally.
    • Ballet dancers trial to withstand gravity. Modern dancers permit gravity to take command of them. Modern dancers rotate and contort their bodies; they flex their feet and hunch, while a ballerina would not ever manage such a thing.
    • If the lines are clear and the dancers proceed from one location to another in distinct patterns it is most probable ballet. Modern dancers are inclined to be more individualistic.
    • Music with lyrics is exceedingly widespread for up to date promenades and not very widespread for choreography, in order that could be an instant clue. Modern dancers are inclined to understand melodies while choreography dancers notify a article and display off fabulous technique.
    • Ballet is exceedingly technical. There is a decisive right and wrong. Modern is open to understanding, proposal and change. Ballet is straightforward. Modern distorts the lines between styles.

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