How can an ideal ballet body identified?

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I read a lot of about ballet dance and I want to know that how can an ideal ballet body identified. Does anyone know about it? Please! Share it to with me.

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  1. Judi

    There are actual body shapes and aspects that naturally determine which dancers have what it takes to become representative ballet dancers. Some personal imperfections can be overwhelmed with gifts, but a flawless body without gifts will not make it as a professional. The expert ballet dancer's perfect body is recognised by the following:
    Proper positions like Small head, long neck, shortened torso, long, thin, lean (not emaciated), and attractive legs. Less acceptable aesthetically is long torso, short legs, big buttocks, swayback, round shoulders, spinal curves, big heads, and a short neck.
    Loose joints are another identified of ideal ballet body. This could be a matter of genetics or training; either way, it is important for the dancer to have enough strength to control motion. Turnout of the leg is the cornerstone of classical ballet. The turnout begins at the hip and moves down to the knee, tibia, ankle, and then foot. If hip motion is limited, then turnout comes from the floor up.
    The best foot shape for a dancer is broad and square. This allows forces to be shared by the entire metatarsal (foot bones). Slight knee hyperextension is straight; the knee is bent slightly backward. This produces the more visually pleasing "S" line of the leg on pointe. Genu Varum (bowlegged) is favored for the ballet dancer for both practical and visual reasons.


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