What is the best weight for a ballet dancer?

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Hi my name is Rachel and I am 14 years old. I study ballet in Manhattan, 6 times a week and I am pretty advanced. I am 5 5" and weigh about 95 or 96 pounds. Every one of my teachers says I have a good body and feet, but I feel my thighs are huge. I work out like 4 times a week on my mothers elliptical machine, and I cannot lose any weight off my thighs. I am not swayed back, my knees are hyper extended, and I stretch my hip flexors and quads every day. I have a very lean and skinny upper body, but my butt, and thighs are so big. In ballet class my teachers are always telling me to use my inner thigh muscles and I use them for turnout and stability, but I don't like how big they are! Is it natural for dancers to have muscular thighs? Because I want mine to be smaller and not bulky. My thighs are not really big; I just wish they were skinnier. Please help me.

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  1. Angelina

     While there is no lone, perfect heaviness for choreography, there is a perfect body type: lean. The world of ballet dance has made a stereotype that is aesthetically slim, which occasionally becomes misinterpreted and develops into a desire to be too thin. The outcome is a world in which numerous dancers spend most of their lives underweight and unhealthy. Many dancers consistently weigh much less than what is advised wholesome for their size, and in each ballet dancer's quest to be slim comes the struggles of consuming disorders and malnourishment, which can lead to poor promenading, sickness and even death.

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