bad sound. <br>QUESTION: dell dimension 3000 , anytime i use wmp or winamp and even<br> on start

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When I play any song in the winamp, the song gets slow and also its voice starts deteriorating due to some reason, what should I do?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There can be multiple reasons for the problem you are facing. First of all the software that you are using is not so sophisticated or too big in size , the reason you are facing problem might be virus present in your personal computer. Due to the virus you software applications and other system programs might work slow.
    The best way for this problem is that you can install an anti-virus software program that can help in removing the viruses. Another thing is that the song you are playing might be corrupted or the version of software you are using might be too outdated. You can install a new version of software to make your songs run in a smooth way. Try to run your songs from any different software like media player. If still the problem persists then this means there is a problem with your system software and you have to reinstall the windows and other softwares for its renewal. You might also be using a corrupted sound driver . Try reinstalling the sound driver so that you can get the optimim use of your sound card.
    There is another good audio software named Jet Audio, you can use it to listen to songs also and it also has different types of features in it.

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