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This is probably a really hard one to answer but I am looking for an old Black and White movie that I saw on TV about 10 years or more ago. It aired during one of those afternoon spots on a classic TV channel on cable. I have no clue what the name of the movie was or who starred in it. I do not even remember the plot. But here is the reason I am looking for the movie. There was this very funny scene which depicted a hospital ward with a dozen or so women lying on beds in labor. None of the women actually looked pregnant and none of them actually acted like they were in labor. But one by one they would be taken out to deliver their babies and then they would be brought back after their babies were born. I remember some of the women were knitting while they waited their turn. It was not supposed to be a funny scene but it was hysterical. I am guessing that it was no;t really considered proper to depict pregnancy or birth in the movies back then. Now that I am a midwife and I would love to know what movie this was and have a copy of it if that is possible. Can you help?

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    Hey there! Unfortunately, while that does sound familiar to me, I can't come up with a title. How about posting your question on the Classic Movies Forum? That way more than one person can try to answer it. Go to to log in. If you're not a Delphi member, you will need to register, which only requires an email address. Good luck with your search I cannot help you more.

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