AWD 2004 Toyota sienna tires.

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Have 50k on tires. need to be replaced, should i go with the one tires or get away from the and get a spare. Seems like a lot of people have had problems with rft. Any suggestions.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I dont see any major problem with the Run Flat Tyres. However there are only few things that you keep in mind while using RFT tyres. If there is a signal or a sign which tells that there is low pressure in the tyres and rims then. You should immediately get it checked from the proper expert of tyres. The earlier you get it checked from the dealer of the authorized person, it will be better for the life of the tyre as well as it will be beneficial for the car also. Although the run flat tyres are good in the present environment, there are some limitations while using it with the drive systems.
    If I am not mistaken, the RFT's are Michelin Pax - and that means the rims are also unique and you will not be able to mount any other type of tire on them. If all that is true, then you will be looking at 5 tires AND rims. I think some of the objections to these tires are the usual things you here about original equipment tires and some is because of the cost, but overall, I think more noise is being made than is proportional to the problem. In other words, if someone had a problem, he made a lot of noise, but the folks who have had good experiences - such as yourself - have remained silent, making it appear the problem is bigger than it really is.

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