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well, I guess no one has anything to say about this author...While on the other hand I have lots to say...I read his book Mecca, and I found he was very biased. As he shares with his readers the knowledge on Islamic life, he also makes clear what is his point of view. The book promotes a negative connotation on the Islamic life. I would recommend people not to read this book, even if it was a gift. What is Stewart's religious or national affilliation?

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    Desmond Stewart was a member of the Church of England. He died in 1980. His views on Islam are perhaps a bit colored by the times in which he lived. Professor of English in the early sixties in Baghdad, a resident of Beyrouth, which he fled during troubles he wrote about in "Turmoil in Beyrouth". His home in Cyprus was ransacked by the advancing Turkish army. However, he was fluent in Arabic, he was very pro-Palestinian, and beyond his own novels and biographies and contributions to "El Ahram", he translated "The man who lost his shadow", the novel by Fathy Ghanem. His work should not be dismissed because of Mecca. Read other books of his and you will find a more complex author, not so disrespectful of Islam.

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