What safety measures are used in Jaguar XJ?

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Hi, my younger brother wants to buy Jaguar XJ, could you tell me some information about safety options that are available in Jaguar XJ, I am really looking for this information.

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  1. Duke

    The XJ has a variety of security systems are used to reduce the risk of misfortunes and to defend both the lodger and other street users.
    Because the XJ is constructed of aluminum and magnesium it is exceptionally rigid. As a outcome, the vehicle is probable to bear less impairment than a conventional steel car in an misfortune and its lodger will have more protection.
    As well as two front airbags, the XJ has airbags in the outside borders of the seats, simultaneously with edge backdrop airbags that fall down from overhead the windows to defend inhabitants in both the front and back seats. Sensors notice the dimensions and heaviness of the person going by car and traveler before the front airbags are deflated to assist avert injury. At the identical time, the seatbelts feature “soft landing” technology, which softens the contact with the airbag. A farther security assess in the seating is the anti-whiplash expertise which proceeds the head restraints ahead if there is an accident.
    The XJ has a feeling scheme that will lift the bonnet somewhat if it notices communicate with a pedestrian. This assists to double-check that their head does not strike the hard components of the engine.
    When Adaptive Cruise Control is swapped on, microwave radar in the XJ’s front bumper will sense if the vehicle in front slows down down. It will then slow the XJ down to sustain a unchanging expanse, and one time the street clears it will take the vehicle back up to the pre-set speed. The radar furthermore functions a Forward Alert, which devotes the person going by car an audible alert if the traffic ahead slows down rapidly or another vehicle proceeds into the identical roadway as the XJ.
    All XJ forms have anti-lock brakes, which alter the brake force to double-check that the wheels manage not secure, and the person going by car can hold the guiding under command, throughout an crisis stop. Additional brake force is made by Emergency Brake Assist, permitting for shorter halting distances and advanced guiding control. Advanced Emergency Brake Assist primes the brakes if the radar inside the Adaptive Cruise Control senses an imminent collision.
    The optional Blind Spot Monitor values radar sensors to display an amber alert pointer in the wing reflector if it notices a vehicle that the person going by car won’t be adept to glimpse, either exactly or in the mirrors.
    XJ driver can receive an alert message if the pressure in any of the tires goes down.
    Door security devices on the XJ are controlled remotely from the key fob, and each doorway can furthermore be locked or twice –locked with a button on the handle. In supplement, the doorways will secure mechanically when the vehicle comes to a pre-set pace, which can be selected by the driver. The XJ is defended by an alert and motor immobiliser.

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