Asking for a suggestion in back pain or physiotherapy.Suggest suitable advice?

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My husband had an accident yesterday. To be clear it not really a accident.when he was driving he saw the cars behind him stopping because of red light. He also applied the brake and due to rain it was slippery and so he stopped by touching the car behind him. Both of them stopped and excanged the number and the other told him that he had small scratch and he would like to have burfing. My husband agreed and told him that he would pay for that. Later the second day we got a call from that guy and he said that he want to claim to icbc and he got a shock which is causing back pain and he want physiotheraphy for that. No we are sure that he is taking advantage of that small incident. How can we come out of this....... Please help

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  1. Misha

     In recent years, more doctors, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals have started to suggest Pilate in case of back bone injury.

    At Pilates we want to make sure you are in the correct Pilates class and making the best progress for you! We will always work with you to suggest sessions suitable to your schedule, budget and situation. In remedial sessions you will be working with advanced, experienced Pilates instructors who hold chartered registered physiotherapist status and/or the highest available Level 3 and 4 Pilates and fitness qualifications. We will take the time to understand your condition and concerns and will work with you to reach your specific goals.

    You may need to attend one or more specific remedial sessions tailored to your needs. Remedial sessions take place on a one to one or small group basis at the Good Health Centre. 

  2. ZZ
    what sort of suggestion? regarding what?

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