Ideas for making a University project of art.

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Hi, I am looking for some experienced person in the art world, who I want to help me with this University art project I am working on, it deals with increasing threats to the natural world caused by human (mis)managment of our environment. I have to adopt an issue and produce an installation piece or performance which will be effective to young adults. I thought of using de-forestation but i am not too sure of it, any ideas or tips would be much appreciated. Can someone help me in this regard?

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    Hello Mandy,

    Very interesting, but not sure if I can really help you with this project. In my other life I am a certified tree farmer so not to thrill with the "deforestation issue".

    If cigarette smoking and or subsidies to tobacco farmers qualifies as "increasing threats to the natural world caused by human mismanagement", then I would center something around "smoking" there are many reasons why it is a threat to the natural world but then that is why the professor gave you this project!
    Also you can go with “climate change, sea level rise, atmospheric pollution”, "water, exploitation, soil erosion, species diversity”, :exploitation, soil erosion, habitat loss, nutrient discharge”, “health, food and water, shelter, recreation, hindrance, social cohesion, wealth”.

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