Are we supposed to fast on eid ul Adha?

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Hello and Salam to everybody. I have newly adopted Islam as my new religion and I am very much interested in knowing about Islam. Last day, I was interacting with one of my friends, who asked me whether we (Muslims) do fast on the day of Eid ul Adha or not and I was like having no answer, because I do not know much about Islam yet. As I told earlier that I am new to Islam, some people have asked me to fast for Eid al Adha and some says you should not. So, I have gone confused. Please help me in this regard and tell me if we can fast on Eid ul Adha or not? If it is so, is this fast like the same as fasting in Ramadan; I mean fasting from sunrise till sunset? Thanks to all of you in advance.

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  1. John

    Well, there are no such authentic traditions available regarding fast on the day of Eid, especially the Eid al Adha. Also, there are no such rules available that can justify that you have to keep fasting on or before Eid al Adha. But on the other hand, you can fast ten days earlier than Eid al Adha, which most of the Muslims call 10 Hajj days. The reason of fasting during this period is to achieve reward, which is similar to performing physical Hajj. There is no doubt that the people performing Hajj do not fast, but if you were also unable to go for physical Hajj, you can practice fasting for those ten days to get reward of real Hajj. I hope this answer will provide you enough information about your required query.


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