are there a few guidelines.. a few things a man should remember?

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What Every Man Should Know - are there a few guidelines.. a few things a man should remember to make his woman happy?..

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  1. Oz
    Every woman loves receiving compliments so do not neglect giving loads to yours. On the other hand, a party of three or more do not want to hear that you think your woman is hot under the covers or any intimate details you feel like divulging. That is just plain embarrassing for all of you. Have the decorum to know what should be said, how it should be said and where. There is a time and place for everything. Every woman has an opinion. Even the mousey type ones who begin every sentence with 'my husband said' when you pause and ask them a direct question, they tend to find words to convey their thoughts so if you are fond of making unilateral decisions rethink this and consider carrying your wife along. The saying two heads are better than one did not just come to be; besides you and her, are meant to be one. Every woman is not your wife. You will think that this is common knowledge but honestly there are some men out there who just don't know when to stop. They make unwelcome advances. Crack dry jokes and sometimes make uncomplimentary remarks about other people's wives. Come on. Have some decency. Take your bullshit home to someone who signed up for it. Every woman has a flaw. Don't kid yourself. There is no perfect woman. She knows it. You know it. The whole world knows it, so get real. Stop the highfaluting. We know. This is not to say however, that you should never sing your woman's praises. Every woman deserves respect. Quit dressing her down in front of your mates. Don't go groping her b***s when all she's offering is a hug and stop the public bum slapping whilst you are at it. It demonstrates nothing but crudeness drenched in major disrespect! Even if that's how you get your kicks, spare others and keep it in the room. Every woman has a fear. Acknowledge it. Assuage it. Whatever you do, don't ever make light of it. To her it's real and that should be enough for you. Work with her to overcome it if she can, in the meantime let her know with you, her monsters won't catch up with her. Every woman has venom. You read right. Push her to the wall or press her buttons one time too many and it will come spewing out. Toy with her emotions and break her heart and you will see there is truth in the saying 'h**l hath no fury than a woman scorned.' Every woman desires a break. Take the odd day off and relieve her of the daily routine. Let your kids spend the weekend with some friends or family every once in a while. She will appreciate you that much more. Every woman needs attention. Deny her and she will resent you along with those things in your tow, that receive the attention. Ignore her and you push her away. Better you give her lots of attention or she will seek and find it elsewhere. Remember boredom messes with the brain but loneliness is the real killer. A word is enough for the wise. Every woman deserves a regular thank you. Again another easy one you will think; but men tend to forget. There is not enough 'thank you's to thank a woman for her varied roles. Thank her, thank her and when you are done, thank her again. It will bring out the sweetest parts of her I assure you.


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