are james martin and louise davies getting married

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are james martin and louise davies getting married

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  1. Guest28116354

    if last night's dream is anything to go by he could be popping the question soon!


    I dreamt they were in winter clothes so indicating this time of the year, they were outdoors somewhere and I came up behind them. He didn't see me and asked LD to marry him she looked over and said oh there is...... <my name even though she doesn't know me from adam!> he turned to me and I shook his hand to congratulate him and I walked away.


    So folks if  my dream has any prophetic properties I would expect a proposal soon

  2. Guest28113441
    James has cheated on Louise over and over again Louise even found out James was cheating on her throughout their entire relationship, but instead of dumping him like any normal woman with any sense, she chose fame and his money and forgave him! Desperate sad woman James himself is that ignorant that he is continuing to stay with Louise knowing that she doesn't care that he cheats ! What sort of relationship is that?? James really is making himself look so stupid What normal woman allows her partner to cheat ?
  3. Guest28105832

    you could be right did see in amongst the tweets references to decisions between a certain sports car and a family saloon


    No doubt we would soon hear about lack of bubbles and lots of I am so happys and all that stuff.


    GL to them I guess its nearly 3 years now she stuck out the martini revolt when they met so guess they are in it for the long haul

  4. Guest28105828

     Looking so happy at the mo , must be a marriage or baby in cards soon 

  5. Guest28091433

    I find her tweets far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too sickly tbh not sure why I read them curiousity and the cat and all that. And it seems to breed around her that everyone is cakey back. They come across as boastful about the cars and her man well the ones about her man are just that sickly. Whilst I would never have thought a big northern lad like him would go for that in a million years who am I to account for taste?


    Whilst his tweets are normally more down to earth about her and to her he has called her his beautiful Lou in a tweet after his award.


    So its down to taste and things and sometimes the oddest of combinations work and something makes you click with someone who you would not normally go for who knows its down to the gods and their choices for you.


    I think whilst I can't stand her sickly OTT c**p she really does love him and no doubt he does her in return. She has brought him out of his social media hating shell hasn't she? Made him more communicative with folks. Like I say its down to the individuals whilst I might not chose her for him he obviously made his choices and is more than happy with them you only have to see them together in photos they look happy (best not mention the baking chap I guess looking happy).


    Unless we could get inside their minds which of course is impossible lol we will never know the true depths of his feelings for her and hers for him under that shudder sickly c**p. You will never know the truth from his mouth. If he was unhappy trust me he would have found a way out by now as he is quite capable!


    Nah they will potter along like this for a while then something will just hit him and he will just say to himelf its time to get wed. Mind you that is not always right for everyone is it that bit of paper has for some proved their downfall ie been together for ages then the bit of paper changes it all

  6. Guest28091222

    What "Happy" man do you know that cheats on his girlfriend? What "Happy" woman do you know that accepts her boyfriends cheating? James was with Barbara for 4 years and he still admits she was the love of his life, "Being with her was as easy as breathing"

    Louise will need to hang in there a bit longer and put up with him sleeping with a lot more women along the way. Think we all know that she will wait though, the money and fame means more to her than anything else. Just shows what sort of woman she is and why she sticks with a cheating lying womaniser and pretends to the world via twitter and facebook that they are blissfully happy

    Louise knows the truth, shame she hasn't got the strength to put her dignity first and instead makes James fame and bank balance her priority


    Ignorance is bliss eh Louise?








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  8. Guest28091013

     Must be a marriage at some point surely. Been together a while and sill happy.

  9. Guest28082407

     They are looking very happy at the mo , wouldn't be surprised if they did get married soon.

  10. Guest25003549

    Cosy nights in  falling asleep on the sofa in front of the telly with the DOG, watching Corrie.  No mention of Louise last week in the Mirror article.  Come on James give the girl a mention if she is so special to you eh!

  11. Guest25001137

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  12. Guest24996924

     AGREE THE CHEF IS TO BLAME, not louise and not the other women.  It is not all martinis posting on this web site people are fed up of louise getting comments when she has done nothing wrong.  Louise and the other women are not to blame. the chef is a liar cheating scum bug and he has made the MANY other women he is having a fling with believe they are the ONLY ONE on the side when there not there are MANY of you ! NICE!  

    How can any fans or any one look up to a chef that lies! he is lie ing to his partner,fans,family,friends .

    Get it in the papers as i would like a good read too and humilate a man that is humliating MANY OTHERS

  13. Guest24996773

    why do the martinis on here all have something horrible to say about these "Other women?"  If James is the man they apprently hold in such high regard why are they having a go at these other women, These other women are doing nothing wrong.   James is.   He is the one in the relationship,  cheating on his girlfriend.  These other women are probably single and have done nothing wrong except fall in love with a man who is a liar and a cad. How do you know that they werent dating him first ?  before Louise even came on the scene?   All im reading is this ;  "Louise is wonderfull, these other women should know better, they are degrading themselves"    Hang on a minute!  None of these women or Louise are doing anything wrong !  Its James you should all be having a go at!   You Martinis are so stupid putting your viscious vile comments on here about the other women!  I havent read one nasty word on this partcular post about Louise yet here you all are typing nasty things about another possible woman in James life!    You are all Hypocrits.  If it was me I would go straight to the papers so that you all finally knew the truth!   Id like to read what you`d have to say then!



  14. Guest24996165

    Im single and given the chance I would love to be his bit on the side !!  he can carry on with louise or whoever he wants. In fact he can sleep with as many women as he wants I wouldnt care

    I would say im a pretty strong minded woman. I have my own business, 1 child who is old enough to fend for themselves and i have no financial worries.  The thought of having a relationship with a man that goes back to his own house afterwards suits me just fine !  I get to sleep in my own bed, stretched out on my own.  I dont need a man but christ, the odd night with James Martin ??  Yes please ! =)   =')   =0)    louise love you can keep him warm at night, but if he`s up for grabs for a bit of slap and tickle then im your girl lol !


    Unfortunately ladies not all of us women need to be in a full time relationship. Some of us actually hate being tied down.  I def dont want to be in a relationship so to meet a man that wont keep calling me and wanting to spend time with me sounds like my perfect man.

    Sorry girls,  but thats just life.  Dont mean to offend but life just isnt made up of women that only want honest reliable men.  I really couldnt care less.   Im not one of these women that are into threesomes, but maybe these other women might be

    maybe these other women are getting paid by james. That could be another explanation as to why they arent speaking up.  Could make sense if he has regular ladies that they actually meet him on a regular basis for money ? 


  15. Guest24995936

    I cannot believe I am even writing on this site! and will not be, after I have left a comment. Being friends of them both I am sick of reading such petty, untrue, jealous swipes.  Enough is enough and it is about time people stopped interferring and analysing.

    Louise choses to be polite and friendly with James loyal fans, there is no harm in what she is doing, small talk and being polite. Louise does not twitter, facebook with his fans promoting James personal life, their personal life, details of them both, she responds in a kind and polite manner and no harm done to any one.  James fans support both James and Louise because they are a lovely couple, a down to earth couple, which his fans can clearly see and are liked by many. The Martinis are a great following and Louise is James partner so face up to the fact she will be by his side, supporting him every step of the way and being polite and friendly to his loyal fans.  Louise is open to James in everything she does so forget all the comments of him wondering is she is on social sites. End of all the speculating, like I said, enough is enough of people analysing.  

    James, other women on the side.  This is not true, he is in a relationship, a committed, happy relationship.  Who ever has wrote things like how his fans should be sticking up for all the women in his life, well, I have never heard such pathetic words! Very needy comments. Any partner of James is the one his family, friends and fans should be loyal too, not any women on on the side!  I would like to see if you think it would be right if your partner or husband had other women and your friends should be friendly with them! if there were other women (which they arent) then they should be shamed to be involved with a man in a relationship.  Stop posting comments that James has other women.

    James and Louise are a very happy couple so posts of what happens if they split up are pointless wasted words.  

    I feel sorry for the people that seem to post comments on here guessing, analysing, wondering, being hurtful, stirring, judging, picking, interferring.  It really is not your life, I cant imagine how you would feel if people were speculating in your life, your relationship, your happiness.  

    I truly hope you stop to think about what you are writing, even doing on such websites.  I watched a programme the other night 'Internet Bullies' and many of you are in this bracket. Words can be very hurtful.  Leave 2 very happy people alone.


  16. Guest24995869

    How can any of his bits on the side clearly think they have a place in his heart?  I think it is about time they woke up to their sad state of affairs because that is what it is. I can imagine it is hard as we all have feelings and you have chose to get involved with a man that is in a relationship hence why feelings are hurt, the comments and expressions of other women posting on this site, they are clearly upset an angry. A man who see's other women, a man who is cheating, your nothing but an ego boost, your a bit of a fumble, it is called a man having his cake and eat it. I feel sorry for any of the  women he is playing around with, because it appears there is more than one women he has on the side, so how degrading seeing a man that has many. in your bed one night and in another bed another night. Your one of many Im afraid.  Men are very clever and making these naive women thinking they are special to him.  It is not a dig or an insult, but i think it is about time the other women sit back and think about their partner cheating on them, seeing many other women.  Louise is not to blame, the chef is.

  17. Guest24995512

    It seems to me that the only reason some of the Martini fans jump to the defence of Louise is because she is their only link to getting close to the man himself. Lousie has made so much effort to get to know the Martinis so that she can secure her place in James` life.  They too (Martinis) have grasped hold of the opportnity to get closer to James by befriending Louise. That way they get all the inside lowdown on James. Its such a sad state of affairs to watch this type of fan/girlfriend relationship play out in public, especially when James is such a private person. Facebook, Twitter, its there for all to see the conversations between Louise and the Martinis.  I am suprised that James has not stopped this,  but I guess that as long as Louise and his fans are happy Facetweeting each other then James can get on with his own life, be that with other women or not.


    Reading a few of the below comments I must say that they do read as though Louise herself is writing them, continuously makes jibes at the other women or "Bits on the side" as she is calling them.  The tone of the messages toward the "Bits on the side" are very aggresive, spitefull and nasty and is clearly someone that wants to give a clear message to whomever is messing with her man.    

    Might I just make a suggestion here.......... 

    James would not be seeing any woman that he did not think highly of. Whoever the "Bits on the side" are,  like it or not they are in his life.  Like it or not they hold a place in his heart otherwise he would not be seeing them.  Like it or not he spends time with them and lies to Louise of his whereabouts.  I would say that the other women know all about Louise and all about his previous girlfriends and they are obviously ok with that. 

    I for one would be happier to know the entire truth, rather than be the girlfriend who is being lied to.

    If I am right,  then I am very suprised at these Martinis ganging together to attack these other women.  If they care about James, then they should respect EVERYONE that he chooses to have in his life.  Just because they know Louise they should not be attacking the other women. 

    What would they do if James and Louise were to end their relationship ?  Would they still continue to be support her when she is breaking her heart ?   I doubt it.   They will move straight onto the next girlfriend, desperate to get details on the man himself, desperate to be close to him.

    Only James knows the truth and that is something you ALL need to think about



  18. Guest24995445

    I am not a 'Martini' either but am a big fan of James Martin's down to earth style of cooking, also he's from Yorkshire like me so he's the local boy done good. He's with Louise like it or not, there have been many before her and there may be many after her, who knows?  I say let this relationship run its course however long that may be.  I've seen some pretty unkind comments about Louise, how she looks and how she isn't his usual type.  He doesn't have a type from what I have seen if you look at his previous girlfriends.  I'm not sure that he will ever settle down as I think he likes the single life, particularly with all the perks he's got.  Like one of the earlier guests I say let's just enjoy his cooking (I'll have a little swoon now and then) and leave him to his private life - he gives enough of himself to his fans as it is.

  19. Guest24994925

    Yes lets not defend a man who is clearly cheating. He cheated on his ex's too. His 'bits on the side' maybe single so the man is more to blame but not entirely as these women or as they are to him 'his bits on the side' are aware that he is in a relationship so they too are in the wrong.  WHY do women lower themselves to let a man use them and why do they feel it is ok to see a man that is in a relationship. Ego thing for men, silly silly women to be another notch on his bed post.  


  20. Guest24994484

    Never a good idea to defend a man when it comes to accusations of cheating!

    Seen too many comments over the years that James Martin can`t keep it zipped

    Sorry, love his cooking, but I blame James


  21. Guest24994071

    Well I for one am not a Martini, but I do hold a passion for James`s cooking and his recipes. Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful devoted husband whom I love dearly, so I do not have the same physical desires that most Martinis have about James. I have no desire to send him naked pictures of myself to hang in his office to stare lovingly at every day   (somehow I think not)   Given half the chance Im sure those Martinis in question would give their right arm for a moment with James, so I`m not so sure they would give Louise a second thought, even if she is such a nice girl.  I am suprised that so many of James`s "Martini" fans are so quick to jump at Louises`s defence. It always seems to me that there are always the same odd 3 or 4 of the Martinis that literally try to take the upper hand and attack anyone that posts a negative comment (its not me making nasty comments might I add)    The same few Martinis are making it look like James has psycho stalker fans.  The same few Martinis are making it look like James only has 1 group of followers.  The same few Martinis are not putting James fans in a very good light.  There is no smoke without fire and I think the real problem here lies with James. If there is an ex girlfriend or "bits on the side" making nasty posts, then It is up to James to sort it out. It is not up to the same few Martinis to keep ganging up and using bully tactics towards the ex.  If James is being a naughty boy and cheating on Louise, then perhaps we should not be blaming these other women who are possibly single and are not actually doing anything wrong.  I dont really see comments about Louise on this blog that are that nasty, and if their relationship is so wonderfull then I`m sure they dont even bother to read any of this and certainly wont be taking any notice of it.  Dont take the bait, lets all be friends and learn to be nice.    Its the cooking we`re all interested in after all.    Isnt it ladies ?






  22. Guest24993887

     Thank the lord louise is independant, has her own property, has a job, makes time to support her man, shares her life with her partner, gosh louise, id hate to think what people would write if you didnt! top girl and beautiful relationship, to many more years to two such lovely people.

  23. Guest24993865

    These are clearly James bit's on the side, and or, an ex, posting snide comments. when 2 people are in a relationship people should be happy for them? and it appears that James is hurting his bits on the side.  That then opens the book on why these snide stirring comments arise and people interferring, because this is a true sign of a woman or an ex being hurt/angry/upset by the person, thus person being James, so they feel a need to air their views in a very childish and un called for manner. The posts on here are sadly his women/bits 'on the side' , they do not want him to be with his partner. we know this is not his partners fault yet she will be the one to get attacked because they dont to loose their moments of time with him as they want to see him more and more but they can't due to the majority of his time being with his partner, to his relationship and not with them. They also realise they will only ever be his 'bits on the side' so they have to air their very obvious feelings somewhere.  Unfortuntely they do this on websites rather than to their best friends, that in itself shows what kind of person they are.  This childish behaviour needs to stop. 

  24. Guest24993843

    as a loyal martini here and your all very wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is brilliant for james,a down to earth person,has her own property,does freelance work,,your all jealous stirrers who james would not associate him self with. so carry on with your made up small talk.who cares if james will never marry he makes it very clear.  but one thing is for sure he is a happy man and that is all that matters.  extremely laugh able comments below.


  25. Guest24993212

    You`re wondering how he ever noticed her ?????

    How about those 2 big plastic b*****s she has sticking out of her chest ?

    Id say they would be pretty hard to miss HaHa  !!!!!

  26. Guest24993021

    Always thought JM went for independent women all his previous relationships, of any length, have been with women who have had careers in their own right. In  response to the last post I heve seen Louise a couple of times and she's never been particularly tanned.  I will say however, although she might be a very nice girl, she is very plain and ordinary looking, unlike some of his previous girlfriends. She wouldn't stand out in a crowd so I wonder how JM ever noticed her in the first place!

  27. Guest24992592

    Not sure she has ever had a proper job ! Works a few days on and off where she can get it cuz she only wants `jobs with celebs darling`!!!      Hanging around your boyfriend all day long  isnt what Id class as Job seeking !!

    By the time she works out how to use a kettle in the morning, slaps on the fake tan, decides what to wear, gets some spending money off James,  tops up a bit more fake tan,  puts on the lashes, decides what shoes to wear,  tops up a bit more tan..... the day is over

    If she manages to get him up the aisle she`s guaranteed to divorce him, sell the house and sell his Car Collection  !!  A woman like Louise wont ever think about gettin a proper permanent Job !!!  



  28. Guest24992507

    where exactly is Louise's place of work?  I wasn't aware that she had a job at the moment as she gets an awful lot of time off.

  29. Guest24991935

    It is of no suprise that Louise has moved into his home as she does appear to be by his side  evrywhere that he goes. To the studios whilst at work on SK, all his food shows and his LK restaurant.   The fact that we would never see James by Louise side at her place of work is evidence that the relationship is very one sided.  James most definitely does not like comitment so having a girlfriend that tags along everywhere you go and lives in your shadow is not a person that is showing support for her man, it is a woman desperate to cling on.

  30. Guest24989902

    I make that 3 woman he has had living in his home in the past 3 years, sally,julia,louise ?  I know Julia had a spare bit of cash but what about louise? Can she not support herself or does she think that his house will belong to her one day?  Sort it out James, get yourself a woman that can support herself not some dizzy bimbo that thinks she has a right of possesion on everything you`ve earned. What sort of woman is uncapable of creating a home for herself, a vision of her own life?  Once that marriage certificate is signed he might as well hand over the front door keys and bank book. Or it might be that he moves them in just to get it on tap whenever he wants, which would explain why his girlfriends always end up leaving him. none of them have ever seen a sniff of a wedding, ring or public display of affection. James just moves onto the next woman whenever he gets bored or when things dry up at home.  

    I for one wont be buying a hat just yet.



  31. Guest24988917

    Dont make me laugh James M will not be getting married any time soon. Shame that Louise believes that they have a perfect relationship. Yes she was at Leeds K over the weekend with James playing the dutiful girlfriend infront of all the Martinis. It takes the pressure off James and keeps them all happy, ticks boxes. Give it another 6 months before he kicks her out, that is about his limit for having a woman live with him. Dont worry ladies he`ll be back on the market in no time at all

  32. Guest24988740

    They were together in Leeds at the weekend but, there was no sign of any big rock on Louise's left hand.  You know the big rock ordered from South Africa, made to her specification, the one she was allegedly wearing at Goodwood in July.  If James Martin gets married next June then I will be very surprised.  He is a cool customer our James and while she has supposedly moved in their body language doesn't fit but, then he doesn't seem one to show his feelings .  I for one would like to see him happily settled with the right girl but, is that Louise - she would like to think so that is obvious.

  33. Guest24985818

    Women like Louise lap up the attention and the free gifts, not to mention the free living quarters at Chef Headquarters

    Get over yourselves James is a womaniser

  34. Guest24981722

    what person would put his girlfriend in the limelight and bring her to all his events and have their pictures taken if there is any other woman involved with him? what man would allow his girlfriend to be so close to his fans if he has no respect for her? That would mean he had no respect for his fans and i know that is not even close to being true

    not an ounce of truth in these rumours

    louise d is the only one in his life



  35. Guest24981491

     is he a dis-loyal dis-honest chef the chef that we all think butter wouldnt melt in his mouth?that is where i will stop because i for one know how naive people are reading about celebrities believing malicious gossip when the vast majority of it is un-true . I follow Louise on facebook LouiseD she is friendly polite person who supports her man .

    are there  bits on the side? why do women digrade them selves by being his bit on the side?sad women letting a man have his cake and eat it . 

    I will not be returning to this site unless they are positive comments ,  a happy relationship/marraige and kind loving people. iN LIFE we wish for happiness and good health. Not bad people or bad mouths. spit out the bad , i for one wish for 2012 with happiness and good health to all 

  36. Guest24981187

    Louise Davies is the only woman that James Martin is in a relationship with. End of

    Stop this !  You are all jealous James would never cheat on anyone

    I am a huge fan of James, have been a fan for many years and have seen his past relationships fail because of maliscious rumours. James Martin is a kind generous loving family man. He would never hurt any of his girlfriends, especially Louise.

    You only have to see them together to see how in love they are.

    If you were really interested you would read that actually they are very happily living together and planning their wedding, so apart from that and James busy schedule I doubt he has any time left to see his mother never mind another woman !

    Be happy for James and Louise and let them enjoy their beautiful relationship

  37. Guest24981095

    I heard that also but it was a while back, that he was with someone he worked with and they had been together for a few years.  But, since then there have been quite a few women on the scene, you don't think they were part of a massive PR stunt to draw attention away from this lady,  and surely Julia, Louise and the others were not part of this, were they?  How weird, his Martinis are convinced about Louise and seem in no doubt that she is the only one in his life. 


  38. Guest24980480

    think james martin is still seeing his pa lady isnt he? the one that does his management bits and pieces. thought it was common knowledge that he has been seeing her on the side for years. it always turns out to be the ones that you least expect!

  39. Guest24980395

    So cynical the last guest.  Perhaps he has found Miss Right, though I do think that Louise has been too quick to move in considering James' form.  But, you know what they say 'love is blind'.  I am more interested in these other women, what kind of woman hangs around waiting for a few snatched hours with a man who she knows is supposedly in a relationship.  Are these women young, single, desperate or what? He's got it made, I'm desperate, not so young and married but what the h**l put me on you list James.  Seriously, what silly, sad women these must be and Louise if this is true and she is aware.  Hope not and hope it works out for Louise.

  40. Guest24977827

    Louise is living at James Martins home but that is to let her feel safe and his way of making her think he is not cheating. He did the same with Sally Kettle. Louise will wait at home whilst he goes to his other women. James Martin has a few women on the side and he will never change. Louise has made a huge effort to make friends with all of James fans but it will be interesting to see who the martinis choose when James and Louise seperate. Will the martinis continue to spend so much time tweeting and facebooking her? Or will they remain loyal to James? Louise has made a terrible mistake by getting so close to his fans. This will not be good for James when they seperate. Very poor management from James Martins PR team.


  41. Guest24932957

    Dont be so sure to judge others. Louise has now moved in with James at his home in Winchester. Louise has posted several comments onto her Twitter account to her freinds expressing her delight and has changed her facebook status to confirm their commitment to each other. Congrats to the lovely couple and i am sure a wedding is certain to follow.


  42. Guest24924511

    Dont make me laugh ! James Martin will NEVER get married! James Martin has several other ladies on the side that he likes to keep quiet so if Louise thinks for one minute that she might bag herself a diamond this Christmas then she would need to think again! James Martin will forever remain a bachelor until such a time that the truth is finally revealed about all his other lady friends, then perhaps he might then decide to settle down for the sake of his broken career. Louise love, for goodness sake, face up to it love, you are going to end up looking very silly very soon. James will never be faithfull to you let alone contemplate the thought of ever marrying you! Whoever would even ask such a stupid question on this site? Sounds like the sort of question one might ask if they were attempting to drum up some media attention after the papers named them a "Blonde"



  43. lyls97

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  44. Guest24923741

    maybe, maybe not, but if they do then there will be 3 in the marriage and i aint talking about fudge

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