appulous questions please!!!!!

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Please I need you to give me the answer to two questions:
#1-whats the answer to: Convert this to ASCII: 0z20496c31497c4f306f272222272020
#2-whens installous going to be back up? I always use Installous I have like 20 or so pages on my ipod. Thanks!!!
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  1. Guest13366889
    you ssh to your phone and decide to rename "Documents" to "Other c**p". Type the command to do it , without using quotes.

  2. Guest13321811
    new one? They need to do way _________ mother.
  3. Guest13317994
    what german mag ran a two-page appulous feature las september?[it looks like a typo...but it's not?][two words,and the first is two letters.]
  4. Guest13313069
    What German mag ran a two-page Appulous feature last September?
  5. Guest13249599
    Before Genius' Hackulous tag said "Root Admin", what did it say?

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