any reviews on club armar in marmaris, turkey?

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any reviews on club armar in marmaris, turkey?

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  1. Guest11393807
    I'm sorry but people who thought this was a good hotel must have very low standards indeed!!!!! Before I write my review I would like to say that my partner and I are in no way fussy and realised that we were not going to get an outstanding hotel for the price we paid (£600 each 2wks all inclusive) but I would like to share my experience so you do not waste any of your own money. Food: cold and repetitive. The dishes in which the food is served are given to the dogs after each service and are not washed properly afterwards (you can actually see them doing it) hence why so many people suffered from food poisoning, including myself. Drinks: Watered down (beer, spirits and wine) and are served in dirty, smelly cups which they don't clean before serving to someone else, hence why so many people suffered from mouth ulcers. Tap water is used for ice cubes and the powdered orange juice at breakfast. Room: Cleaned daily but on more than one occasion we were given stained sheets and towels (blood and faeces) which we took pictures of Pool: Mostly clean but during my stay a child vomited in the pool and the staff refused to clean it out till the following morning Staff: Constantly on the phone whilst you are waiting to be served and refuse to serve you if you have complained about the hotel. Entertainment: Same 3 acts every single night During my stay 6 families, some with young children, were thrown out of the hotel for complaining. In total my partner and I spent an additional £1100 eating out and going on excursions to get out of the hotel. I have never complained about a hotel in my life as I realise that standards are different abroad but I have to let people know on this occasion as I wouldn’t want anyone else to spend £2400 on the most horrendous hotel Ive ever know. On my second day in the hotel 'Holidays from h**l' were kicked out for filming without notice - I am not joking!!

  2. Arslan Masaud
    Hello, Here is the official site of club armar in marmaris in Turkey. For reviews also visit this hope it helps

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