anu-anong mga halamang di namumulaklak?

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anu-anong mga halamang di namumulaklak?

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  1. Guest28331575

    rose,sanfrancisco,sampaguita,gumamela,calachuchi,fivefingers,sunflower at santa

  2. Guest28303292

    wla bang sure na answer anong halamang ornamental ang namumulaklak at hindi namumulaklak? bgyan nyo naman akong halimbawa ng namumulaklak at hindi namumulaklak

  3. Guest28303174

     ewan ko grabe hirap naman mag aral ornamental bla bla bla .-.

  4. Guest28267555


  5. Guest28158399

     bakit gan yan?



  6. Guest27919746

     hay naku nkakapagod mag aral

  7. Guest24903037



  8. Guest24225387

    aglonena,orlando o vena dedrium,palmera,corn plant,chinese bamboo.japanese bamboo,fortune plant,japanese bosito,espada etc.


  9. Guest23637972

     ano bayan alam kop lang na di namumulaklak san francisco bamboo at fortune cno ba makakatulong sa akin ha


  10. Guest21901973

     puro pala assignments ung mga nand2 noh......

  11. Guest21255811
    chinese bamboo ,japanese bamboo pinassignment samin 2 ni tandang EMY PLATERO
  12. Guest20852467
    sampagiuta,orchids,at adelfa
  13. Guest20652704
    pina assignment din kasi sa amin to sa San Beda eh pero eto lang alam ko fortune plant,japanese bamboo,and chinese bamboo...
  14. Guest19832229
    san francisco,fern,anahaw,leocabbage at iba pa o etc sori ito lang alam ko assignment din namin to kay sr.ompad eh yun pa naman hindi pa tinuturo pina pa assignment na agad pero marami akong nalista sa halamang namumulaklak dito din sa MAYBE NOW
  15. Guest19435235
  16. Guest12324395
    Mass flowering Although some bamboos flower every year, most species flower infrequently. In fact, many bamboos only flower at intervals as long as 60 or 120 years. These taxa exhibit mass flowering (or gregarious flowering), with all plants in the population flowering simultaneously. The longest mass flowering interval known is 130 years, and is found for all the species Phyllostachys bambusoides (Sieb. & Zucc.). In this species, all plants of the same stock flower at the same time, regardless of differences in geographic locations or climatic conditions, then the bamboo dies. The lack of environmental impact on the time of flowering indicates the presence of some sort of “alarm clock” in each cell of the plant which signals the diversion of all energy to flower production and the cessation of vegetative growth.[6] This mechanism, as well as the evolutionary cause behind it, is still largely a mystery.
  17. Guest11422381
    ang mga halamng di namumulaklak ay halimbawa ng bamboo at fortune. sori eto lang alam ko kasi assingment din namin to kay mam agustin eh yun pa naman hindi pa tinuturo pina pa assignment na agad pero marami naman akong nalista sa halamng namumulaklak dito din sa maybe now.

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