anu ano ang 5 barkongg ginamit ni magellan

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anu ano ang 5 barkongg ginamit ni magellan

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  1. Guest22185283

    san antonio,santiago, un lang! un lang alam ko eh!

  2. Guest21697371

    c jerl to ....1.victoria 2. concepcion 3. san antonio 4. santiago 5. trinidad

  3. Guest20573171
    1.victoria 2.san antonio 3.santiago 4.concepcion 5.trinidad
  4. Guest20555419
    trinidad-d2 nakasakay si magellan concepcion-ito ang barkong nasira santiago-pinakamaliit na barko victoria-i2 ang barkong nakabalik sa espanya san antonio-pinakamalaking barko
  5. Guest12979558
    trinidad,san antonio,concepcion,santiago and victoria....the only ship that was able to go back was victoria together with 18 people...
  6. Guest12642332
    victoria -nakabalik sa espanya trinidad -dito nakasakay si magellan san antonio-pinakamalaking barko' santiago-pinakamaliit di me sure concepcion-ito yung barkong nasira
  7. Guest11628161
    ang mga barkong un ay Trinidad,San Antonio,Conception,Victoria at Santiago ang barko lamang na nakaligtas as i know Victoria but im not so sure pero alam ko ito ung mga un thanks i enjoy this easy question......
  8. Guest11391798
    victoria santiago concepcion trinidad san antonio
  9. Guest11380596
    san diego antipolo san consuelo bom bompow poker face
  10. Guest11340065
    ewan koh eh....
  11. Guest11227267
    pambot balsa troll barko nga papel kag seedboat
  12. Guest11102676
    ***san antonio trinidad concepcion victoria santiago***
  13. Guest11026870
    1.barkong trinidad 2.barkong santiago 3.barkong victoria 4.barkong san antonio 5.barkong conception
  14. Guest11013915
    santiago, san antonio, victoria, concepcion, trinidad ang victoria lang ang nag-iisang nka balik sa espanya sakay ang 18 tripulante
  15. Guest10994206
    victoria tapos di kona alam

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