antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17

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is it real or what

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  1. Guest28260594

     i have been given a violin that says Antonoins Stradinarin_ Cremoneneis Faciebat Anno 1723  Then it has Germany on the bottom of the label. It was handed down father to son for five generations in my family. I am number six. My biological grand father played it in honkytonks, he passed away in 1971. A kentucky music Teacher gave it to my Grandfathers Granfather around 1811. So i know it is at least that old. it had been painted red, so my father had it refurbished in 1980. Is there any idea what this old of a copy is worth?







  2. Guest28129558

    pretty sure it is a fake but a old one 100 years I have a black case are the fakes worth anything

  3. Guest28127269

    Cremonenfis means fake

  4. Guest28110523
    I have one with just the 17 ,and when we took it to 24 appraisers,and every single one said it was an original.... Soooo you shouldn't just go by that particular stamp.
  5. Guest25034739

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  6. Guest25033963

    i have antonius stradivarius creonenisis faciebat anno 17 with case what would it be worth @ this time it belomg to my great uncle thanks

  7. Guest24901581

    How much is my How much is myAntonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1736 worth


  8. Guest23295444

    I hate to be the one to burst the bubble but from my research all of the original strads are accounted for.  This doesn't mean that your instrument is worthless.  On the contrary, if it is in good condition it may still be worth a good amount.  The 17XX does not denote the actual year of the instrument but rather the year of the instrument it was fashioned after.

  9. Guest22616799

    my father who is 86 has a violin with antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17 label inside it also has a circle with A S with what looks like a cross in the midle of these letters.  Are there any marks that can distinguish a real from a fake.  Case is old and both violin and case smell old. His mother purchased this for him when was ten it was old then.


  10. Guest22546071

    I'm pretty sure your violin is worth millions of dollars and that you should sell your amazing million dollar violin to me and then I will sell your violin back to you on e-bay for billions of dollars so that you could quite possibly have a trillion dollar violin that you will never play. 

  11. Guest22093484

    I have a violin that says inside............Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 17 and then a few spaces to the right is a circle with what looks like an A, something, S inside it, I think. Some of the writing on this violin is difficult to read.  I'm wondering if anyone has an idea if it might be authentic?  Thank you

  12. Guest21591830

    I have a violin with a stamp on the inside that says antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17. And the bridge has a printed name on it of dresden.....just wondering if this means anything?

  13. Guest21362305
    Hi,mine is signed after anno 17 in very little writting it was my aunt's,she passed away 35 years ago at age 100.It's in a case that say's violin case made for the money
  14. Guest20297185
    Har en Antonius Stradiuarius vad är den värdG
  15. Guest19966600
    I have a Antonius Stradiuarius cremonensis Faciebat Anno 17 made in Germany. Thats how it is spelled i wonderd why mine was spelled with a u insted of a v Stradiuarius and what it might be worth.
  16. Guest19219397
    antonius stradiuarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17 with colors on it ?
  17. Guest16333372
    What if the maker did'nt bother to annote the last two digits after the 17?
  18. Guest14159465
    it is a fake/copy. real stad would be spelt stadiuarius (no v until later in his life when he actually put his age instead of the date)
  19. Guest13244506
    i have antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17, last digits may be 23 or 28, i cant read it. what can you say about it? it is my boyfriend grandgrandfather violin. someone, give me a ansver, it is orogonall, or it must be a fake?
  20. Guest13071544
    antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 17. Ihave a violin with inscription is it fake?
  21. Guest12699600
    My grandmother has one of these but you can't read the last 2 digits of the year and it smells really old. what would it be worth? It also says cremonenfis.
  22. Guest11809874
    what are the marks or how can you tell if your strad is real?

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