ano ang pagkakaiba ng filipino,pilipino at tagalog

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ano ang pagkakaiba ng filipino,pilipino at tagalog

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     putang in mo

  2. Guest28069032

    an hirap

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    Filipino ung official na tawag wika ng pilipinas na sinasalita gamit ang dayalek na  Tagalog; Pilipino ung mga tawag sa mga taga-pilipinas;  

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     ahh ewan.. bstah alam ko pilipino aku..hehe


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     Simple lng.. Ang mga Pilipino ay mahilig MANLOKO katulad nyo. wala sa mundo ang pnag ssabi!! hayy


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     ang Pilipino, tayong mga mamamayan ng Pilipinas.

    ang Filipino, pambansang wika.

    ang Tagalog, malalim na Filipino. Isa syang dayalekto actually.. mejo mahirap intindihin ung ibang words

    pagkakaiba ng Tagalog sa Filipino?


    chair.. FILIPINO term nya is "silya".. pero TAGALOG nya is "salumpuwit"

    just like that :)

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    panget ano pilipino...4ever.....baztoz pa!!!


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    Wala akong alam dyan. Ang alam ko Pilipino ay yung tao. Ang filipino ay wika.

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    ang filipino ay english ang pilipino ay tagalog at ang tagalog ay sa philippines lamang ..wahahaha

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    ahaha.. oo nga ano nga ba?? LOL

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    ano ang pagkakaiba ng filipino,pilipino at tagalog
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    Tagalog used to be the Philippine National Language. Its existence can be trace back from the pre-Spanish Era. Tagalog is an olden language. Rajah Sulaiman was the Datu of the Tagalog Kingdom. The Tagalog people are the people who lived beside the Ilog Pasig, hence the term "taga-ilog", contracted to Tagalog. The Tagalog alphabet also known as the "abakada" is comprised of these following letters: A B K D E G H I L M N NG S T U W Y. To pronounce them, A BA KA DA EH GA HA I LA MA NA NGA PA RA SA TA U WA YA. The congress changed the National Language to Filipino in order to unity, because aside from the Tagalog Language, in our country, the Philippines, we have Cebuano, Illongo, Ilocano, Bicolano, Kapampangan and many other Languages. Although the Filipino Language is mostly based on Tagalog. It offers "direct adaptation" of words or what we call transliteration. For example, the english word "dictionary", when translated to Tagalog, it is "talatinigan". But the Filipino Language offers more freedom hence the word "diksyunaryo". Other examples are: "airplane = eroplano" "television = telebisyon" "computer = kompyuter" "action = aksyon" "doctor = doktor/duktor" "magazine = magasin". The Filipino alphabet is comprised of these letters; a b c d e f g h i j k l m n "enye" ng o p q r s t u v w x y z hence english words can be adapted as a Filipino word like cellphone, DVD player, or even the word "polo". Tagalog is more of the past language, although it is the basis of the Filipino Language, Filipino language can adapt words from other native languages such as the word pangga. The Filipino Language was created to promote unity and equality among the native languages in the Philippines, it also gave the Filipinos the capability to adapt to modern English words. Pilipino was the term used to call the people from the Philippines. But it was changed to Filipino, adjacent to the changes in our National Language of what used to be Tagalog, and now Filipino.
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    ano ang pagkakaiba ng tagalog sa pilipino at sa filpino?

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