ano ang mga nagawa ni gloria macapagal arroyo

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ano ang mga nagawa ni gloria macapagal arroyo

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  1. Guest24453599

    tama ka dyan wala ngang kwenta







  2. Selene.Borealis

     - Electronic Procurement System (EPS) - one initiative of government to improve and modernize government's procurement services. It involves the creation and operation of a central portal for government procurement, bidding and supplier information requirements, and the increasing use of the portal among government agencies.

    - KALAHI Program (Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan) - The project will help the government in strengthening the capability of local government units (LGUs) to design, implement, and manage development activities. Such activities may include basic infrastructure like new or rehabilitated roads and bridges, barangay schools and clinics, and water supply and sanitation facilities.

    - AHON Programs : Ahon Bayan, Ahon Bata and the Ahon Pamilya - which are all aimed at improving the lives of the poor and the disadvantaged through strengthening linkages with various stakeholders. The Quick Reaction Team was also started during her term.

    - Self- Employment Assistance Kaunlaran (SEA-K) - is a community-based micro-financing project which builds abilities of people's organizations to self-administer a socialized credit system. Project components are social preparation, capital assistance, savings mobilization and access to other social services. Basically, pautang sya.

    - Tindahan ni Gloria Labandera Rolling Stores - aims to give the poor the opportunity to buy food and medicines at much lower prices. Rice is now available anytime, inexpensive and of good quality. (parang yung E nhanced R etail A ccess for the P oor ni Erap na tindahan)

    - National Health Insurance Program - Citing the need for universal health care to help the poor survive with the prohibitive costs of getting sick, the President directed the Philhealth to expand its network coverage to the poor, mostly those living in the urban areas. Ang alam ko namigay sila ng Philhealth cards sa mahihirap nun.


    I think marami pang iba. You can check WikiFilipino or other Filipino websites kung need nyo pa ng ibang info.

  3. Guest22867988


  4. Guest22831038

     mga wlang kwenta ang putek !!! ....

    nangurakot lng yan !!!



    Jin03 ! xD


  5. Guest22647938

    alam nating lahat na nangurakot si gloria pero meron nnm cguro syang mabuting ginawa sa ating bansa kaya plsss kung alam nyo kung ano ang nagawa nya sa ting bansa p**i lis down nlng for my project

  6. Guest22499660

     hai wla sya nagwa kundi na ngurakot lng ng nangurakot sa kaban ng bayan


    add me on facebook ahaha pki click n lng o kaya copy

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