Name of movie about animal reincarnation.

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In 1951 "You Never Can Tell". Now I have to find the actual movie. The story goes as follows: A German Sheppard inherited millions and was cared for by a young lady. The dog was poisoned and so the lady inherited the money. The dog came back as Rex Sheppard along w/Goldie his secretary (FKA the retired race horse). He wanted to prove the girls innocence because he knew her boyfriend was the guilty party.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie “You Never Can Tell” is released in the year 1951. The story is about an ex-police/army dog which is a German Shepherd, the name of dog of the dog is Rex. It is told in the movie that Rex has a fortune to become a millionaire. But someone gives him poison for his good fortune. He then gets backs to earth and become human detective to search for justice, he also came back to protect the girl who looked after it. The director of the movie is Lou Breslow , d**k Powell played the role of Rex Shepard, Peggy Dow played the role Ellen Hathaway, Joyce Holden played the role of Goldie Harvest, Charles Drake played the role of Perry Collins, Albert Sharpe played the role of Grandpa Hathaway.
    Lou Polan played the role of Lt Gilpin, Frank Nelson played the role of Lt Tesrow, Will Vedder played as Nicholas and Frank Gerstle played the role of Det Hyatt. It was admired by many people due to its unique story.

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