What is the basic information about Althea root?

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I am a student of Botany, now days we are studying about Althea root. Now I need to write an essay on the topic Althea root, is there anyone who can help me with complete and authentic information about what is the basic information about Althea root?

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  1. Angelina

     Althea origin is accepted to be the more powerful part of the plant. It comprises a shielding matter that soothes and outer garments painful, increased tissues, encompassing the top respiratory localities and the gastrointestinal tract.
    Althea origin is routinely called marshmallow root. The origin is high in mucilage (mucilage is a gummy vegetation merchandise that comprises both protein and carbohydrate; furthermore called a glycoprotein). It is cited in the Bible; the publication of Job converses of it being consumed in times of famine.
    It has been utilised as an expectorant for the respiratory system; the high mucilage content assists the body to eradicate surplus fluid and mucus. It furthermore actions to soothe mucus membranes. So it has been utilised for painful throats, bronchitis, and for dry hacking coughs. It has furthermore been utilised to assist detoxify the digestive scheme and help in digestion in general (much like slippery elm). Because of the root’s proficiency to assist eradicate toxins it has been utilised in arthritis, as a laxative (it decreases bowel transit time), to decrease inflammation and for diverse infections.
    Althea comprises vitamin A, calcium, zinc, metal, sodium, iodine and B vitamins. It has volatile oils, tannins, saponins, sterols and mucopolysaccharides.

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