Movie about air craft carrier in Korean war.

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This is a 50s movie about navy pilots flying panther jets from an american carrier. In this movie one of the pilots is blinded by enemy fire and two other pilots get their wing tips under his wings and helps him back to the carrier.I saw this when I was about twelve years old, and would love to see it again if it is available. Do not spend a lot of time on this, but if you should come across anything please let me know. Thank you from a war movie and airplane love.

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    Hey there! An Internet colleague of mine has come up with the answer for you. The film was called Men of the Fighting Lady (1954) and it was based on a newspaper article called The Case of the Blind Pilot. has a few VHS copies available.

    Men of the Fighting Lady are a 1954 Korean War drama film starring Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Keenan Wynn, and directed by Andrew Marton. The screenplay is in writing by Harry A. Burns. The initial melodies tally was created by Miklós Rózsa. The movie was founded on the novels The Case of the Blinded Pilot by Cmdr. Harry A. Burns and James A. Michener's The Forgotten Heroes of Korea and minutia life aboard the airplane carrier USS Oriskany. The film's high issue is the factually depicted view where Thayer (Johnson) converses in a blinded Navy F9F Panther pilot for a setting down (played by Dewey Martin).
    The cast of the movie includes:
    Van Johnson as Lt. (jg) Howard Thayer
    Walter Pidgeon as Comdr. Kent Dowling
    Louis Calhern as James A. Michener
    Dewey Martin as Ensign Kenneth Schechter
    Keenan Wynn as Lt. Comdr. Ted Dodson
    Frank Lovejoy as Lt. Comdr. Paul Grayson
    Robert Horton as Ensign Neil Conovan
    Bert Freed as Lt. (jg) Andrew Szymanski
    Lewis Martin as Comdr. Michael Coughlin
    George Cooper as Cyril Roberts
    d**k Simmons as Lt. Wayne Kimbrell
    Ann Baker as Mary, Schechter's fiancee

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